Fallout 3: Atomic Ninjas Q&A with Bethesda's Pete Hines - Parts 1 to 5

No Mutants Allowed (NMA) has the highlights of forum Q&As based on their recent demo session of Fallout 3 and Q&A with Peter Hines up on their blog. Part five of the series covers voice acting and interface issues. There were also quite a few questions fielded on NPCs in Fallout 3 particularly in comparison with Oblivion.

Part five of this series as well as the first four installments can be accessed for Fallout 3 A Post Nuclear Blog.

(All 5 parts are listed under Alternative Sources. The main source link directs to Part 5.)

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Part 3fallout3.wordpress.comktchong
Part 4fallout3.wordpress.comktchong
Part 1fallout3.wordpress.comktchong
Part 2fallout3.wordpress.comktchong
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MK_Red4037d ago

Great find and post. I haven't read it but any Fallout 3 news welcome. Reading it now.