Microsoft Close to MGS4, FF13 Deals? has received multiple reports over the last few days from sources who wish to remain anonymous that Microsoft is making a largely successful bid for two of the PlayStation 3's most anticipated third-party exclusives: Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

The reports of Final Fantasy Versus XIII heading to the 360 have been circulating for nearly the last month after it was revealed that at least parts of the White Engine were being ported to Microsoft's console. Speaking to EMagLive, they were told by a source close to Microsoft that the Redmond company was in productive discussions with the Japanese developer Square Enix to "at least get [Final Fantasy 13] as a timed multiplatform and at most get the game as a simultaneous release".

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power of Green 4038d ago

I wonder if this is what G4's AOTS wanted to announce I was heart broken when I watched 20 minutes of AOTS today. I just missed the tail end of what I thought was AOTS delaying the announcment when the show came on. Sat through 20 minutes of the show and sure enough the announcment was delayed.

secret4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Microsoft is doing such a disservice to the gaming community, including the xbots. Forget about their continuation to knowingly release a malfuntioning product and making this once decent industry into a corrupt, vile one. The main disservice is in restricting gaming graphics to it's slow 60mph maximum speed with these sneaky dirty little deals and secret handshakes in dark alleys because developers will directly or indirectly want to focus their time on the xbox360 which only runs at 60mph max, as we have witnessed with Halo 3 and Ninja Gaiden 2.

If either of these games will come to the xbox360, expect to see lots of blocky sqaure mountains, oversaturated bloom lighting, plastic looking characters, cardboard box tree trunks, blurred objects and other artistic smoke & mirrors (shorten game length and darken everything like gears of war). And miraculous perfect 10's coming out of every reviewers ass. If MGS4 will come out for the xbox360 (timed exclusive or not), it will have subpar graphics compared to the Final Fintasy XIII if that square enix game remains a PS3 exclusive.

In fact, it's my assumption that, based on the most recent trailers compared to the earlier trailers of MGS4, they're positioning the game to possibly cross over to the xbox360. I've noticed that the graphics in the most recent trailers aren't really that good, which is a small clue that it might somehow cross over to the xbox360 at the moment. It's not guaranteed to cross over, but it's being "positioned" to, if the any deals go through, based on the graphics I've been seeing in the latest trailers. The few pics shown on FFXIII are breath taking. Therefore, I'm confident that it will most likely be the true PS3 exclusive. MGS4 deserves better than 60mph. I'd like it to stay exclusive to the PS3 forever, otherwise, expect to see a drop in overal graphics for BOTH SYSTEMS.

Get that xbox360 hunk of 60 mph junk out of the way so the PS3 lamborghinni can have room to go 600 to 800 mph. Unfortunately, the 60mph hunk of junk xbox360 is in the way because it got to the street first and is blocking traffic. Everyone is now late to work and school and upset and honking their horns. Get Microsoft out of the way. It's doing a disservice to ALL GAMERS, XBOTS INCLUDED, by restricting gaming graphics for this gen.

And yes, I own shares of Microsoft stock.

peksi4038d ago

Yeah it's sad to see MS buy their way into everything. They've got more money than small countries so there's no stopping them.

But this is the way world works, I suppose all the big companies would do the same. Let's just hope the competition keeps up, no company must monopolize the industry.

InMyOpinion4038d ago

If the 360 is holding back the graphics for games of this generation, how come the 360 exclusives like Mass Effect, Bioshock and Gears of war look better than anything that is out on the PS3? Not only that, how come almost all multiplatform games look better on the 360 than on the PS3?

I know Sony have some strong titles up their sleeve like MGS4 and GT5, but people seem to forget that MS has loads of titles for 08 as well. Ninja Gaiden 2 will be amazing, and look amazing even though many of you try to deny it. It's OK for Killzone 2 to be at beta stage, but not for Ninja Gaiden 2.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Splinter Cell: Conviction, Alan Wake (killer), Banjo Threeie, Fable 2, Naruto(coming this year), Lost Odyssey, Top Spin 3, Elveon (where are you?), Huxley, Halo Wars etc etc etc. And that's just some of the exclusives...

gaffyh4038d ago

I call bullshit until I see proper proof. These rumours were circulating a month ago and 2 months ago etc.

Hatchetforce4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Well keep calling bullshit because the Versus trailer from TGS says PS3 only at the end. Also in an interview just a few days ago, Nomura reiterated that Versus is exclusive to the PS3 and in fact he was gushing over the PS3 hardware and capabilities saying "On the PS3, all our dreams are realized."

Since MGS is linked into the same story do the math. It's bullshit. These morons from eMag love to make stuff up from what any idiot can see. Look at this phrase:

But they told us to "keep an eye on our website for updates" regarding any announcements on a 360 version of the anticipated title.

Every publisher in the world will say "keep an eye on our website for future updates" But it changes the meaning by eMag tacking on the part at the end about the 360. Notice that it is carefully placed outside the quotes - as in Konami didn't say that part.

Microsoft can't solve the DVD9 limitations for games like PGR4 which would have only needed a few extra gigabytes for textures, they damn sure can't solve the problem when Kojima is asking for Dual Layer Blu-Ray on MGS4. Add to that the fact they also cannot solve the DVD9 limitations on GTA4, a game for which they had to pay a very large pot of gold.

Mwaan4038d ago

The PS3 CANNOT outperform the 360! Who told you this?! Sony?! Games that were built from the ground up for the PS3 were easily ported to 360. Games like Devil May Cry, Virtua Fighter, etc. The creator of Metal Gear 4 himself said that he could port it to 360 without any problems! You can take the absolute best-looking PS3 games and move them to 360, but when you take 360 games and move them to PS3, well, there's some serious problems. I hope Microsoft does to Sony what Sony did to Sega. Then I won't have to look at these comments you people leave about how much better you think the PS3 is. Nobody is on here to defend the 360 because they're all currently enjoying great games like Halo 3.

risk4038d ago

but your here....lemme guess your console bricked.

hazeblaze4038d ago

LOL, this is such BS... We KNOW that MGS4 is launching soon and that there has been NO development on the 360. So that is already in the bag as a PS3 exclusive... and even if they DID do a port, we're talking a 1-2 yrs considering that they haven't even STARTED working on anything for the 360 (and Kojima said that he will not).

And JUST last week the producer of FF XIII confirmed that it will only be made for the PS3 b/c it is designed for that hardware... the trailer once again revealed ONLY ON PS3.

ip-student4038d ago

You are an idiot - I don't know why you keep posting the same crap over and over. The GPU on the XBOX 360 is superior to the GPU on the PS3. Basically, once you consider everything, the two machines are roughly equal in capabilities but the XBOX 360 is easier to program for.

For the rest - this is only a rumor but there is a big difference between MS and Sony - MS has the money to encourage Japanese developers to develop for their console. At this point in time I am not sure how much it is worth to pay developers to develop for your console but MS is concerned about the next generation - they have a weak presence in Japan and it might be worth 20-40 million to get a couple of extremely popular developers to jump on board. If nothing else it makes it very difficult to find a reason to buy a PS3 over a XBOX 360 when the big games are available for both consoles.

Will this happen - not so sure. But it is interesting to think about.

BloodySinner4038d ago

What a bunch of hypocrites some of you are. As if Sony hasn't been doing the "buy everyone" technique for the past few years. Business is business, people. Stick with it.

solidt124038d ago

If Sony looses these games it will be a hard sell for them. Yes the have alot of new IP Exclusives that are great but these are the two that everyone knows. Uncharted, and Killzone 2 will sell consoles regardless but MGS4 and FFXIII IS THE ONES THAT WOULD BUT THEM OVER THE TOP. Either way only MGS4 will help the 360 in America, i see no one in Japan buying 360 because FFXIII is on the system, they will still buy a PS3 if this game is multiplatform.

SlappyMcTaint4038d ago

Wow, has M$ defecated on your brain or what?! Your such a huge brainwashed xbot if you think having M$ dominating the gaming industry is a good thing! They've already wrecked computing with all there monoplies.

STFU, go wash your brain of poop.

uxo224038d ago

Microsoft this, Microsoft that, 600mph this, 60 mph that.

How the hell is Microsoft holding back the graphics of the PS3 if the PS3 is the lead console on the game from the beginning? Don't even answer that JUST STFU!

Two weeks ago the Lambo was going 200-600 MPH, now it's 600-800 Mph, some people appear to be put on this planet for one reason and one reason only and that is to annoy others. This my friend is your calling.

Lastly, you talk all this SH!T about how microsoft is buying up everything and all they do is spend money and how they suck, then you end your comment by saying "I own stock in M$". DISGUSTING!

I say you're a frickin' Liar about the stock, NO NORMAL person would not want a company that they own stock in to do well, and that would include a stupid fanboy with stock in microsoft.

Do us all a favor and go cliff diving into the mouth of a volcano!

secret4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

The MGS4 graphics on the most recent trailers are extremely bad compared to the first few trailers that ended with Beauty & the Beast. This suggests that Kojima is now positioning this game with an xbox360 crossover possibility in the back of his mind, just in case one of Microsoft's dirty deals goes through. It's a dirty deal because what could've once been a high level graphics showcase this generation will be dumbed down to Microsoft's xbox360's 60mph lemon car's max speed as with every non Sony first party and Insomniac games we've seen this generation so far. Again, this is a disservice to all gamers this generation because the car up in front is slow and blocking traffic, creating a huge clog in the freeway for EVERYONE, even the xbots.

The PS3 and all gamers would like to see MGS4 and all games coming out this generation to be at 600mph - 800mph speed, but the hunk of junk xbox360 upfront got to the freeway early and keeps on blocking the PS3's way. If this keeps up, all games, even FINAL FANTASY XIII, will look like Halo 3 or Gears of War...

...What a hindrance to the entire gaming industry's graphical progress because of the selfish reasons of one company wanting to win for winning's sake rather than to benefit the entire gaming community. Greedy.

This generation should not be capped off at Halo3, Gears of War, or Ninja Gaiden 2 or Mass Effect's graphics. Look at Motorstorm, Resistance, Final Fantasy XIII, Grand Turismo 5, Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank, and even LAIR as indications to what every multiplatform or xbox360 exclusive game might've looked like graphically if developers didn't develop with the xbox360 in mind, whether multiplatform or exlusive to the xbox360. The above PS3 games are all led by Sony's first party developers and the loyals like Insomniac.

Because Final Fantasy xiii has breakthrough graphics never before seen outside of blockbuster animated movies, that is tremendous assurance that it's the only true exclusive to the PS3. The recent graphical downgrade in the MGS4 trailers, however, suggest that it might go multiplatform at some point -- if and only if any deals go through. Kojima could be dumming down the graphics just in case --> to future proof for the xbox360, so to speak...

And that, again, is Microsoft's biggest crime this generation, restricting directly or indirectly the overall quality of this generation's graphics outside of the games developed by Sony's first party developers or Insomniac. Almost all the ports are capped off at or near the xbox360's level of performance because of some perceived financial incentives to the developers. Microsoft either paid them, or they want to develop with the xbox360 in mind because it has a larger user base for now because it got to the freeway earlier than more powerful consoles. But the xbox360 is -- as shown by the graphics of Ninja Gaiden 2, Halo 3, Mass Effect, GRAW2, and all multiport games, and now possibly MGS4 too -- causing a huge early morning graphical traffic jam and slowdown because of its engine limitations. The xbox360 should get out of the way rather than selfishly (selfishly, selfishly) capping this generation's graphics at 45mph to 60mph. There are 600mph to 800mph beasts ready to plow on through.


PS3 + PC COMPUTER => xbox360. But without the internet fees, the hardware issues (Why's Microsoft still releasing xbox360's when it knows that there is a design flaw?), and the ocean of junk games that no one wants, bad two piece design, and noise.) (but missing the faceplate swapping feature...)

Again, take your PS3, add it to the PC Computer games of Halo or Gears and Bioshock, and so on, and you have an "inexpensive xbox360" without the waste of internet fees and hardware noise and glitch inconveniences.

They put the huge power brick outside the console and it still doesn't even keep the system cool. But at least you'll get to have cool swappable face plates.

Why would I want to buy a 360 if I don't want Halo, Bioshock, or Gears? I don't even buy them for my PC.

Add up the standalone bluray player (most likely the PS3) and / or the HD-DVD add on drive because the xbox360 comes with neither, the Wii for motion sensing controls, xbox360 accessories and games, the Bluray and / or HD-DVD movies, the total number of money paid for internet fees over the years, and the xbox360 console cost. Tell me who has saved the most money, time, and energy this generation???

How inconvenient...

samchris4038d ago

LOL!!! That pic literally had me rolling. My co-workers (I'm at work right now by the way) had to come to my desk to see what was so funny. None of them are into video games so they didn't find the humor in it.

Texas GMR4038d ago

Maybe Microsoft didn't under-do-it after all, maybe Sony over-did-it. They should have went to the developers first to see what they needed for this generation, instead of pushing their own agenda.

Mainman4038d ago

@ Secret
I agree with you completely. Except for MGS4 graphics being toned down.

If you make a direct comparison, you only see the filters changed from the old trailers. Koji productions have been experimenting with the filters being used.

Trust me on this when I say this, MGS4 is NOT going multi-platform. Going multi-platform just isnt Koji-style.

CyberSentinel4038d ago

Instead of giving us gamers the games we WANT to play, they give us Sylpheed, and point their finger, and say... "see they don't buy games on 360" when clearly these are not the games we want to buy. (or even play for free for that matter)

Give us FFXIII with a *"SIMULTANEOUS" worldwide release date with other consoles (Wii included) and see if you point your finger then.

*it must be simultaneous, nobody wants to play a story driven game, AFTER the story has been told a year ago, and you already know the ending to.

I love JRPG's. I own Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata and I can't wait for Lost Odyssey.

The way for square to survive in an American/European market place is by doing what they do best, RPG's. FFXIII is the game WE ALL WANT TO PLAY. lets be real. The FPS market is VERY crowded in the American/European gaming market. What chance do they really have at competing in that genre? Do what you do best Square/Enix.

Don't try to force me to buy something I don't want to buy, in order to play those games (ps3) because you will loss me.

I'm not saying play favorites, or choose sides...give as ALL a choice, and show love to all 3 consoles.

nasim4038d ago

why would SQENIX bring over FF13 to x360.

x360 is a dead console in both JAPAN and EU.

x360 is very inferior too. It cant handle FF13 /MGS4 which could be over 10 discs in length.

for x360 everything is over. you have already seen Heavenly Sword pounding Spain/australian and UK charts.

Halo 3 was the only game that MS had. Now everything is just gone for them.

Plus MS is dead in Japan as well as EU

MADGameR4038d ago

Microsoft knows Halo 3 is going is not going to do much in terms of 360 units sales. So what do they do? They want to bribe Konami and Square Enix because they know PS3 will pwn them. So MS, how low will you go?

Niedermayer_204038d ago

just got to say all xbox birds well galo 3 is garbage it freezed disc are scratched lack of power lack of high def dont ya see microsoft too busy buying everything cause their hurtin and there fore no money to spend on galo 3 and other such titles, xbox has no power what soever just a bunch of red lights appearing micro soft cant play this game why do u think they bought paramount cause they no transformers will look better on blu ray oh well XCOCKS the box cheats why do u think the old xbox president went onto easports so they could sabotage ps3 titles and run them and 30 fps instead of 60fps they two scared to unleash the ps3 power u guys are just idiots go back and play ur galo 3

godofthunder104037d ago

all the sony fanboys must think that sony is an angel and never bought a game or made any back room deals for a game,every big buisness make deals like this and if sony never did it then they wouldn't be where they are at right now and that's a fact,so to sit here and say that sony doesn't buy a game or make back room deals is just plain silly,as a matter of fact sony was under investigation for the way that they got all the movie companies to sign with them because of some unfair buisness acts.
the majaroty of game programers said that the ps3 and 360 are really equal in power.the only people that claim that the ps3 is stronger is sony,sony fanboys and people that have money invested in it.Secret is saying that if they put the games on the 360 then it will hurt the graphics,well i don't know what planet he lives on but on earth every game that's on both system looks better and runs the same or better then the ones on the ps3 and that's why they recomend that people buy the 360 versions instead of the ps3 version if they have both systems.
I've been saying for years that the reason the 360 doesn't do good in japan and never will is because it's an american game company and they refuse to buy anything that's not made from a japanese company,but the sony fanboys said i didn't know what i was talking about and that i was just jealouse that the ps3 is out selling the 360 in japan.well i was watching the jgs on g4 and they were interviewing some people that write for game magazines.they asked them why doesn't the 360 sell in japan with the games they have,and they replyed that japanese people are verry proud of their country and only buy from a company in japan so they could help their country economy out and said they just refuse to support anything from probaly laugh all the way to the bank and saying that the american people doesen't have any pride in their country like japanese people do because what the sony fanboys are saying. i like to know how the sony fanboys felt after the writers said that about japanese being proud of their country that's why they never support an american company.if it was me i would've been ashamed of my self for saying the opposite,instead of saying and doing what they do,the sony fanboys do the opposite they support a company from another country and hopes that a company from america fails.well i have no reason for being ashamed,i all ways buy anything that made from an american company if i can,because it helps the american economy out and even if i had a ps3 their is no way in he** that i would wish that microsoft fails because i support everything that's from america and i would hope that they do well.

reaferfore204037d ago

" how come the 360 exclusives like Mass Effect, Bioshock and Gears of war look better than anything that is out on the PS3?"

First off IMO Heavenly Sword looks way better than these games. That being said, all three of these games use the exact same engine. Unreal 3 hasn't been released yet and it's supposed to look better than any other game that uses this engine. (Hence: UNREAL ENGINE) So wait for UT3 to come out then see if those games look better than anything on the Playstation 3.

reaferfore204037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Damn double post.

While I'm here, FUQ monopolies. They screw everyone over in the end. If these games were released multi-plat because of money they wouldn't be as good in the end. I don't think they will be unless they find a new compression method of have to put it on multiple DVD9 discs. Which if you think about it, the first MGS was on two discs; and FF7 was on three. SO, who really cares? I'll play 'em when they come out on whatever they come out on first.

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Lucreto4038d ago

Sony has a exclusive on the numbered Final Fantasies other than the ones that are made for Nintendo. Thats why they got Crystal Chronicles instead of Final Fantasy 10 and 12.

MGS4 might go to the 360 but the end will be spoiled by the PS3 fans by the time it comes out.

ukilnme4038d ago

The ending for Halo 3 was revealed early too but that did not stop millions from buying it anyway. Nevertheless I still hope these titles stay PS3 exclusive. Now back to setting up my 50" Samsung and my Elite.

HowarthsNJ4038d ago

It's just a feeling I have. Possibly because it's a separate game from MGS4 which will contain a "starter pack" whatever that means.

InMyOpinion4038d ago

MGS Online would not be able to compete with the online titles that are on offer for the 360. It's mechanics look stiff and dated. Compare it to online perfected titles like Halo 3, COD 4 or even older games with multiplayer like Splinter Cell:DA or GOW and it just looks clumsy and out of place.

Nicosia4038d ago

I thought it was fake, but reading ''monetary compensation'' kinda made me believe it. Also there are some pretty intresting facts in this.

actionjackson4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

You just pointed out the major issue in MS's campaign to secure these titles. And you know what, I'm starting to think these titles will end up on the X360. However, I am really concerned with the unorthodox methods MS in employing to get their outcome. They paid $50M to Rockstar for exclusive content on a game which will appear on a competitors machine. Developing GTA probably did not even cost $50M. They will probably offer $100M each for these games to appear on the X360. Granted they have the money to pull this off, and a rational person (the developers) would be fools not to take these offers especially when the game is already developed for. However, this is outrageous at best. MS's financial force will have an impact on this industry that will last a long time, and I truly feel that gamers will ultimately suffer as a result. The gaming industry should not turn into a PC software based war, such as the one MS is fighting with McAfee and Symantec (past example Netscape v IE). Ironically, every product which has been challenged by MS's brute financial force has been superior to the product MS is offering, but the consumer ends up with MS's product. If MS thinks flooding the market will raise their market share, they are absolutley correct, it will. If they think they are doing the gaming industry justice, they are absolutely wrong. MS doesn't believe in coexistence. They believe in total domination. As a result, we the consumer are left with inferior products. Frankly, my year long hesitation to get an X360 was primarily due to this. I eventually got one for the games that were coming out this year. However, I felt like I didn't want to support this company that has a tendancy of ruining functional industries. I've experienced 2 system crashes/replacements, and just shook my head both times. It reminded me of "Fatal Error" on previous windows OS's. Everyone just sucked it up and took it from MS for years. What should I do when I've already invested my financial resources into this system? If they infact get these titles, I won't mind. But what I will mind is the means at which they obtained them, which will be with unorthodox amounts of money. This is one major difference between Sony/Nintendo and MS. Sony/Nintendo have a history of investing in a game alongside the developer. They have financially supported products for the cost of development, so that a certain game remains great and exclusive to their console. But how can they keep this up if someone is offering 2, 3, 5, 10 times the amount of the cost of development. They can't and they won't. This will oversaturate the industy. Competition as we know it, which is great for the consumer, will turn to a streamlined industry with all games appearing on all consoles, which is horrible for the consumer.

And finally, there is something nostalgic that certain games appear exclusively on competing consoles. Halo would not appear right on PS3, Mario would not appear right on X360/PS3, and MSG and FF just won't be the same if on X360.

Nicosia4038d ago

Not to offend ps croud, but sony did the same thing with ps1 buy out exlcusives. The biggest one was final fantasy, so this pratice has been know for a while.

m91058264038d ago

Sony didn't buy the FF franchise, Square wanted a bigger storage medium and they knew that, cartridge or CD, they would need more than one. CD was the cheapest way to go, so they went with PSOne.

Wolfmoonstrike4038d ago

square soft used to be a first party devoloper for sony before the merge with enix. (ahh squaresoft the good ol' days)

godofthunder104037d ago

if you think sony doesen't buy or make deals for certain games then you are crazy and don't know how big buisness runs.first of all if sony never paid for a game to be exclusive or make a deal with the game company to get a certain game or make it exclusive then sony wouldn't be where they are ay right now.every big company makes back room deals and pass money around,it been like this for big buisness from the brginning and it will be like that to the end and if they didn't do things like this then they wouldn't be where they are at right stop acting like sony is an angel,they are just like every other big buisness and if they didn't do things like this then they would have closed their game division a few years after the first ps and that's a fact because all company do things like this to get on top and be competitive.

actionjackson4037d ago

If you read my post correctly, it states clearly that Sony/Nintendo HAVE invested in many products with developers. I was merely stating that my concern comes from the unorthodox amounts of money that MS is spending to get their exclusives. These astronomical amounts are unprecedented, which cannot be denied. My post is not a Sony vs. MS post. It's a post comparing MS vs. Sony/Nintendo vs. gaming industry vs. consumer. Please read my post before jumping to conclusions. All your answers are in there.

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ktchong4038d ago

BUT it's posted by the root admin. (Maybe it's just a lame attempt to drive traffic.)

However, the forum DOES in fact identify the sources, clearly:

Author and Researcher - Jordan LeDoux
Editor - Anthony Hanses

So we have their names. Let's check their backgrounds and credibility and see who they are.

ktchong4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

checked Jordan LeDoux (author and researcher of the rumor.) He's a contributor for He has posted many articles and podcasts on PSU. Samples:

ktchong4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Three Speech identifies the editor Anthony Hanes (who posted the rumor in the forum) as a contributor and industry insider. 3Speech: "This one’s from American-based Three Speech regular and industry insider Anthony Hanses…"

So he's checked.

Both PSU and 3Speech are Sony's mouthpieces. Why are two Sony guys spreading this rumor?! I don't get it.

Fighter4038d ago

LOL, replying to your own comments. Pretty lame.

ktchong4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I think it's just a marketing stunt.

Sony is spreading deliberate rumors to hype up their own exclusives. By cooking up such rumors, Sony think they can create the expectations and demands for those two titles. Any sort of rumor to keep those two games in the limelight, make people talk about them and get excited about them, and up their profiles is good (for Sony and PS3.)

Which, in a way, is a devious, sinister chicanery to hype their own exclusives.

JordanL4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Sorry to burst your bubble, but we're not actually attached to Sony or Microsoft. We explain more in our podcast which will be going up in about an hour if you're interested.

Nice tracking us down though. :) We're both open to scrutiny on this one, and we understand that. We talk about it in the Editor's note at the bottom of our article if you care to check it out.


Just to give you a scoop that me and Anthony have done in the past, Anthony was the person that broke the story about the PS3 needing one SPU reserved for the OS and 96MB of RAM.

ktchong4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

If you're not going to name your sources, you should at least give a rough time frame for how soon or late your speculations will come into fruition. A week from now? A month? Six months? A year? Never?

It's okay if you don't want to identify your sources - but you are putting up your own reputation and credibility to back up your claims.

Without a time frame, this sort of rumor is just useless. Let say it does not happen a year from now, you can still say, "well, they're still working on it."

Anyway, I think your submission has a snowball's chance in hell of getting approved. (But I've approved it after I had checked you.) The Sony fanboys are going absolutely berserk right now.

gtgcoolkid4038d ago

You opened an account 16 days ago and magically this "story" come on that is trying to get hits on that site. Good job. (sarcasm) God so much bs. Hopefully this doesn't get approved.

JordanL4038d ago


I submitted it because the site is small, so no one else will, and its something I think gamers will find interesting.

I realize that this puts my own credibility on the line as well as the sites. We might be able to publish time frames soon, but that was something we just couldn't go forward with right now.

The fact that we are putting ourselves out there says a little bit about how confident we are with our sources.


Actually I created an account 16 days ago for some work I was doing with PSU. If you don't want to believe our article, then don't. :) You don't have to if you don't want to.

UnasFortuna4038d ago

Why would Sony submit these false rumors? That is the dumbest explanation yet. By stating that these games are going to go multiplatform, they would essentially be stealing their own thunder per se.... then would be no reason for others who are on the fence about getting a PS3 to get one since it would be coming to their platform. If the rumors are true, Sony should fight to keep these exclusives (not timed releases either). I personally have never played the final fantasy or MGS series since I never like PS before the PS3; however, the MGS series does look great and I can't wait to buy it.

As far as the [email protected] who state that the graphics are better on the 360 are just silly little fanboys. The only multiplatform games that I have seen and played on both systems that look and play crappy are the ones from EA and a couple of other ports (mostly EA); however, I hear that EA is in deep crap due to their performance record with their games on both systems (glitches, freezing, etc...) and this is a problem with both 360/PS3. I thought it was just their ports to the PS3 but finding major problems with the360 versions has changed my opinion on this (but I still refuse to buy any more EA products until this is resolved).

m91058264038d ago

I know Jordan from over at the PS3Forums. He's a well-respected guy over there, but I hop that in this case, he isn't right.

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Fighter4038d ago

Good luck with this rumor.

gtgcoolkid4038d ago

I think even Nomura said that it was exclusively for PS3. I don't understand the fascination with this. Every week there is a story about how FF13, MSG4, etc are going to the 360.

I bet you the fanboys will take this story and heat it up so fast that it will rise to be one of the top stories and the blasted forum got what it wanted by getting hits.