New PSP Kids Pack Anounced

SCEE Has announed 2 new packs for their brand new launched PSP Slim & Lite.

After launching 2 other kid packs (the simpsons & spiderman) Sony tought it was time for something else and created 2 new bundles for the kids. Its clear the sony wants to persuade the younger gamers that the playstation portable is a hot item and a must have.

First we have the Locorocco pack wich will contain a ice silver psp slim & lite and the game locorocco.

The other pack is My sims: pets wich wil include a simular ice silver psp slim & lite and the game the sims 2: pets.

The packs wil go on sale on October 24 for €189,99 and its not sure if these packs will ever make it outside Europe.

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CyberSentinel4042d ago

Bring it to the states, heck I might even get a second psp for for a special "simpsons" or "spiderman" psp like you did with the "star wars - darth vader" edition.

Blind Lemmings, PSP Is The Only REAL Handheld Out There.

ItsDubC4042d ago

So the DS gets a bad rap for being somewhat "kiddy" but the PSP comes out w/ kid packs and all of a sudden it's a great idea? I'll refrain from commenting on what I think the reason for the double-standard is.