Microsoft: Shane Kim Says If No Halo 3 Profit, Then When?

For as much as Microsoft has spent on its gaming division, it hasn't really seen anything back profit-wise. From what kotaku last heard, it had received exactly nothing. Good thing all the kids are snapping up that Halo 3! The console maker just *might* eek out a profit. Even Microsoft Game Studios corporate vice president Shane Kim is optimistic! Well, sorta. He recently told the BBC:

"It's far too early to say what the financial return will be for our investment... If we can't make a profit in the year Halo 3 comes out, then when will we?"

Um, never? No worries, Microsoft, just have Bungie make Halo 4, 5 and 6, and you're good as gold. Finish the franchise.

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greed4038d ago

man that's kind of sad that you relay on one game to change the fate of a console!!
but if that's the case hopefully the halo movie or what ever does good and maybe some halo action figures and how about a clothing line maybe just a few ideas.....

marinelife94038d ago

I hope MS finally starts to make a profit. If they keep going year after year without a profit they may pull out of the console business and that's bad for everyone.

ISay4038d ago

the only reason their not seeing a profit is because they are throwing millions at buying off publishers, hard ware specs, and 3 year extension for RROD so don't feel so bad they got them self into to this mess

Omegasyde4038d ago

Halo 3 Sold for $60.00 (US)
Per DVD for Micro ~<$5
----------------------------- --
~55 Total X (Current Sales) = A couple million, AKA Alot of "Scrilla".

Halo 3 Totals + Consoles sold because of Game + Merchandise
More Scrill, at about A Kabillion.
- Advertizement and Media Account for the game.
----------------------------- ----------------
A couple bucks short of 0.00 (Factoring in Warranties...)

But...(Don't take the bubble away yet)
Carry the 4 million players...
= Alot of Happy gamers playing, who could care less.

"Finish The fight? Hell No. Its just begun."
-Master Chief, Halo 4.

CyberSentinel4038d ago

From Kotaku. I wonder if this "Foreign" and culturally biased website has any "ulterior motives"?

ud4038d ago

l0llo9ll0l0l xdroid!!! xdroid!! xsheep!!

That's what you sound like dumbass

crck4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Kotaku is quoting a MS officer... BTW the managing editor for Kotaku lives in Colorado you moron. Just like most of their editors live in America. You're the racist, culturally biased one assuming its a foreign site because the website sounds like a japanese word. BTW as far as I know the word kotaku isn't even a japanese word. At least not the way they spell it.

texism4038d ago

Hahaha Cyber you just got pwned! Check ur facts next time lol!

MikeGdaGod4038d ago

even though i never really like the xbox brand, its no fun being the only kid on the block.

this competition is fun to me and i like coming to this site for news and debates. alot of people on here take this stuff so seriously that you'd think the consoles gave birth to them. i just do this for fun in between meetings, classes, and work.

i'm a very competitive person by nature and thats why i decided to pick a side to root for. but i enjoy this site, even the fanboys at times.

tehcellownu4038d ago

THey will never make money..Halo 3 was another halo 2..the same amount of people bought it..they losing money on repairs and giving out games disks..dont know why they continue when they losing billons of dollar

razer4038d ago

This dude right here ^^^^ I think takes the cake for Sony fantard #1.. He says just the same amount of stupid sh!t that Nasim does but he has been here a lot longer.. Just look at this guys post history, I mean what a sorry loser twat... Damn, dude I feel sorry for you that you spend more time hating on the 360 than you do playing your PS3.

texism4038d ago

razer I feel even sorrier for you my friend...

razer4038d ago

ultim8p00 I didn't mean to insult your boyfriend.. I didn't realize you were tehcellownu's little b!tch..

You feel sorry for me huh?? Save it! Do I go around to every 360 thread and make some off-topic comment about how I hate the system? This guy contributes 0 to this site beyond flaming.. If you support that well that's your problem.

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