Palgn: FIFA 08 Review 7/10

FIFA 08 is without a doubt the most realistic FIFA title yet, but only just. There have been a few gameplay refinements and the new modes are decent. It's disappointing Australians will miss out on the 5 vs 5 be a pro online feature as that is one of the drawcards for FIFA 08. The game isn't quite at the level of Pro Evolution Soccer yet but there is still a lot of fun to be had with FIFA 08.

The Score

Graphically FIFA 08 looks very impressive. Animations are decent and character models look good, the stadiums are large and atmospheric.
Andy Gray and Martin Tyler once again provide the commentary, which is more varied. The crowd noises are brilliant.
FIFA 08 isn't quite a big a leap as FIFA 07 was over its predecessor but the gameplay is definitely more polished and realistic.
With over 100 items available for purchase at the fan shop as well as an expansive manager mode and online play, FIFA 08 is a game that will keep you occupied for a long, long time.
FIFA 08 is an enjoyable soccer game that makes a few improvements over last year's FIFA. With a tonne of gameplay options FIFA 08 is simply the best EA soccer title yet.

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jromao4038d ago

The gap for PES got bigger. Fifa 08 gameplay is disapointing. Players run as they are willing to run to wc.

super bill4038d ago

totally agree with score for fifa 08.ive been playing it or afternoon and its a bit dissapointing to slow for my likeing.why is it when you go up a level to make the more relistic the computer always play like brazil.i mean you can as man utd say aganist a smaller club like norwich and you can,t get the bloody ball of them.bit far fetch it you ask me.

sparki3754038d ago

7/10...the scores go down each year lol fifa 08 is so unbelievably slow...and why is every single keeper Van Der Sar standard? hmmm poor game...guess pes will outshine fifa AGAIN