Guild Wars 2 Trailer Shows the Norn

The new trailer for Guild Wars 2 introduces the Norn starting areas.

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Bullshido4891d ago

Norn - freaking awesome :) I love it, tho characters look to damn pretty, I expect they will be more rugged, manlier. Female character is sexy as always :P

Xfanboy4891d ago

mmorpggoty they should call it!

Chris3994891d ago

Game of the CENTURY. I'm dropping every game I own when this comes out.

Shani4891d ago

Awesome... Just Awesome..

4891d ago
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Guild Wars 2 Q&A - ArenaNet on Yearly Expansions, Secrets of the Obscure Learnings, and 2024 Updates

Wccftech talked to Guild Wars 2 Game Director Josh Davis about the learnings from the Secrets of the Obscure expansion and what's coming to the MMORPG.

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My fav MMO since first beta 😎

got_dam204d ago

OnlyMMO I have had the patience to put more than 10 hours in.


It respects your time, and no monthly fee as well.


Hero Points Being Made Available In The Guild Wars 2 Cash Shop Sparks Pay-to-Win Debate

The "slippery slope" debate has started, now we wait to see what ArenaNet does.


NCSoft shows new trailers for Project M and LLL

NCSoft unveiled new trailers for its upcoming games Project M and LLL at G-Star 2023 which show off new features.

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Mr_cheese231d ago

Not sure what to think, definitely looks interesting.

ravens52231d ago

Would like to see more. 🤔

Plague-Doctor27231d ago

LLL is targeting a 2024 release for PC and console. Hard to tell but looks sort of like The Division? Hope we can hear more on it soon. Interested to see how these first few AA/AAA games from Korean devs go

Vengeance1138231d ago

Easier just to say PC and PS5. Not coming to anything else.

Sonyslave3231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Before the deal it was announce for pc and consoles lol and this is a old trailer from last month.

Einhander1972231d ago (Edited 231d ago )


If you watch the trailer you'll notice the on screen prompts are PlayStation button symbols. There is no indication this is coming to anything other than PlayStation at this point.

Vengeance1138231d ago

Key word being "before", that was then, this is now. With the deal in place, count out other consoles, Sony's not going to publish games for other consoles.

BeHunted231d ago (Edited 231d ago )


They always reveal their games by using PlayStation button symbols. Doesn't mean anything.

Any game that uses a rival platform controller is exclusive /s

Einhander1972231d ago


Did you read the title of the article?

Now you provide any evidence that these games are or ever were going to be on xbox.

Keep in mind while your searching that xbox barely even exists in Korea and that's just when compared to PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. If you think xbox underperforms in Europe take a look at Korea.

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repsahj231d ago

Looking great! But I don't know, let's wait and see.