Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer Today

It is believed that Konami of Europe will have the honour of debuting an all-new trailer of the PlayStation 3 monster that is Metal Gear Solid 4 later today at the Leipzig games convention, bringing a much-needed injection of excitement and tangibility to Sony's emerging hyperconsole.

The presentation is - according to overnight gossip in Germany - to include gameplay mingled with cut-scene action. Talk of the game being demonstrated in real time by developers, something Konami has openly offered since last year's Tokyo Game Show, remain unconfirmed.

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kingboy5381d ago

i rememeber back when ps2 was been called old until that metal gear solid 2 game graphics proof ps2 was here to stay in competition.Bring that baby!!

Gh0stDrag0n5381d ago

Look at the screanshots little dude, IT'S YELLOW

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