Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC details & screens arrive

Guerrilla Games unveils a boatload of screenshots for its upcoming Killzone 3 DLC, Steel Rain.

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LOGICWINS2852d ago

Already? Didn't this just come out last week?

Philoctetes2852d ago

Yeah, this sucks. Not only are they talking about DLC when the game just came out four days ago, but each of these maps is only good for one game mode each (one is warzone, the other is TDM). Unless they're free, I'm disappointed to see Guerilla stoop to this kind of thing.

hamburger1232852d ago

If they where free I think that they would've announced them as free.

FlipMode2852d ago

Dat milkage. They're actually milking worse than Activision, 2 DLC's and the game just came out.

Nitrowolf22852d ago

I am a bit dissapointed to see this so soon to. And just 2 maps? Why not 5 Maps for $7.99? That would be reasonable for the time and how close it is to release

Eyeco2852d ago

i don't know why people are surprised by this, its really expected in a FPS,

Do you remember with Fallout New Vegas didn't they announce the DLC for that game BEFORE it was even released, its because of that why im waiting for the GOTY edition end of this year

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Xfanboy2852d ago

that's console generation 4 u!

Sizzon2852d ago

Already? I hope those are free.

BeaArthur2852d ago

Agreed. It's also annoying that each map only comes with one game mode.

plb2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

As long as it's priced decently I'll pay. Sucks it wasn't included but I enjoy the game.

Whackedorange2852d ago

If its allready on the disc but you need to fork out money to get it i would be very pissed

LunaticBrandon2852d ago

This is exactly why I'm not buying another console FPS. My recently bought PS3 will be for other genres only.

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The story is too old to be commented.