WWE All Stars DLC Superstars Confirm

This is the list of Superstars that will be up for download for WWE All Stars

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Xbox360PS3AndPC4754d ago

This Is Starting To Annoy Me, Developers Intentionally Leave Out Stuff I<E : Characters, Missions, Cars ETC. Their So Greedy


The Best Pirate-Themed Video Games (Not Skull and Bones)

BY JASON MONROE: The very best pirate-themed video games that you should play instead of the disappointment that is Skull and Bones.

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thorstein1d 2h ago

PoE: Deadfire, Unless you have a or PS5 or an SSD don't bother, loading times are insane. A minute and a half to go into a room to investigate a desk in an inn and then an additional 1 1/2 minutes to leave the room and then load to leave the inn???

And they never fixed it.


Urban Chaos: Riot Response - Rocksteady Before the Bat

Rocksteady Studios has earned fame through its Batman titles, but before Bruce Wayne was a cult classic FPS - Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

DefenderOfDoom223h ago

I remember having a great time playing Urban Chaos on PS2 .

oIMyersIo22h ago

One of my fave PS2 games of all time.

MrBaskerville22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

Didn't know Urban Chaos got a sequel, interesting!
After checking, apparently it's not a sequel to the ps1 game, just a game with the same title.

Abnor_Mal20h ago

Were you also thinking of a game where you play as an African American female cop? Because that’s the only game that ever comes to mind when I hear Urban Chaos, but I don’t remember anything much about it except some training driving a car in a parking lot.

DefenderOfDoom22h ago

I did not know there was a Urban Chaos different game on PS1 . I only found out and bought Urban Chaos for PS2 because pictures on box looked good when I was in Gamestop around 2007

Skuletor17h ago

I only played the demo on one of those Official Playstation Magazine discs back in the day but I remember liking it. I only bought the magazines for the demo discs tbh, lol.

isarai13h ago

Loved this game so much, actually my first online gaming experience. Damn I might emulate it actually, I'd love to see this in higher fidelity


Definitely don’t start your Final Fantasy VII experience with Rebirth

Start at the beginning.

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Inverno1d 16h ago

Well that's how it should be, but too many now buy sequels rather than starting at the beginning. That's why more sequels now have no mention of the previous game.

SDuck1d 15h ago

I already used to do that back in the day. Bought both God of War 2 and FFXIII-2 without knowing anything about their prequels

jeromeface23h ago

typically if theres a 2 or a -2... there's source material...

jeromeface1d 15h ago

Too many people need to be told this anymore... it really blows my mind.

GoodGuy091d 14h ago

Square didn't name it Remake 2 to maximize sales anyways lol

jznrpg1d 14h ago

Yes play the first game it’s really good

SegaSaturn6691d 13h ago

The first game was so bad i couldn't finish it. Endless fetching, nonsense additions, etc. Cool visualization of Midgar, but it's all filler.

Snookies121d 13h ago

"Endless fetching" - Don't do the side quests then, they do kind of suck.
"nonsense additions" - Most of the additions are actually very welcome to some parts that NEEDED fleshing out.
"it's all filler" - That isn't even the least bit true...

There were some lacking moments in Remake, and some odd choices at times I'll give you that. Trying to say the game was "bad" though is very far off the mark. It's a fantastic game.

RonnySins1d 10h ago

Bad my a**. As for the fetching quests, don't do them. Simple.

NukeDaHippies1d 10h ago

absolutely true. i coulda still accepted the less desirable stuff if the story didn't shit the bed in the last hour

Dompoesmod21h ago

Just finished my second playthrough of ff7 remake. One of the best games I've ever played. A bit slow at times, but it's exceptional.

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NukeDaHippies1d 10h ago (Edited 1d 10h ago )

it was ok

Rebel_Scum1d 13h ago

Yeah hard disagree on this. If you skip remake you wont miss out on anything. The story truly kicks off when you leave Midgar.

Snookies121d 12h ago

The heck do you mean? You will miss out on EVERYTHING if you skipped Remake, lol. Who the hell goes into a story driven series without playing the first part of it? There's absolutely no point in jumping on mid-way through something like that. You'd have no context for any characters or their relationships, nor their goals or plot of the series as a whole.

Rebel_Scum1d 10h ago

Just watch the story catch up video in Rebirth. Remake just wasnt a good game.

To anyone new to FFVII I’d suggest the play the original then rebirth.

Dompoesmod21h ago

Remake was an excellent game. Got me through lockdown as well so I have fond memories. Just finished my second playthrough before digesting rebirth. Ff7 remake must be played first .

jeromeface22h ago

hard disagree, midgar sets the plate for the rest of the the story