Soul Calibur IV images and artworks

Veterans Astaroth and Raphael will be joined by an accomplished warrior, Hildegard Von Krone (Hilde), as these new high resolution images from Soul Calibur IV on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 prove it. As a bonus, GamerSyde offers you a ton of artworks from the game. No launch date has been confirmed for the french territories.

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MK_Red4041d ago

Now this is a true next-gen fighting game and the best looking so far (From both art and technical stand point).

Hope they make the next Mortal Kombat game this good looking and deep. Soul Calibur 4 will ROCK.

greed4041d ago

this game is looking really good even though i am more of a tekken guy my self but this game is shaping up to be something to consider in the near future.
i didn't know they were coming out with another MK game i thought it ended with the last installment.

TeaDouble_E4041d ago

The last Soul Calibur fighters were unbalanced, they dumb down the good character and made the not so good characters even better than the good ones. I hope they make it more like the second one and keep it the same even though I still had fun with the third one. : )

The Swordsman4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Between this and Tekken 6, I think Namco could dominate the fighting genre this generation.

fopums4041d ago

wow, Tekken and Soul calibur are both top notch fighters, but SC is just beautiful

nix4041d ago

bigger boobs too... q: