X06 wishlist- what to expect from X06

X06 is fast approaching and if you didn't know X0 events are hosted by Microsoft in various locales across the globe and are a showcase for Microsoft's plans for its next-generation line-up of games, the next wave of accessories and new world-class Xbox Live entertainment experiences along with the latest Games For Windows. Invited guests are also able to play some of the incoming games and talk to the developers. This year X06 will be held in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona (Spain) on the 27th-28th of September 2006. Whilst this year won't be as important as last year's pre-launch of the Xbox 360 there will no doubt be a heavy focus on remaining competitive in the market with the imminent launches of the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii as the three battle it out for consumers hard earned cash for the holiday season or Xmas.

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TheMART5378d ago

Damn that is a nice forecast! Seen the exclusives on that list...

Damn impressive! And yeah Quake Wars I would like to see that one, but even with the not official announced stuff excluded I am exited as hell

Islandkiwi5378d ago

TGS comes before X06, so MS will have a little time to see what everyone else put on the table. X06 is really the last blast of the year before Christmas, so expect MS to pull out all the stops.

Phenom195378d ago

i just wanna see some new halo 3 info

Jay da 2KBalla5378d ago

Very coo except I want to make a correction. What was shown at E3 of Mass effect was actual gameplay.