Gameplayer Reviews World in Conflict

Gameplayer has gone live with their World in Conflict review, calling it a game that "deserves a big audience!". It links through to an interview with the developer who talks about how the experience translates to the Xbox 360.

"The whole world crumbles under the onslaught of war. Napalm a forest and it will burn to the ground, hit a sign with a tank and it will fall over, drop an air-strike on a village and bits of houses will go flying into the air propelled by rolling spires of smoke and flashes of flame. Drop a nuke and 'boom!' you're left with a radioactive crater you could see from space and an epic mushroom cloud that casts a shadow over the whole game. It's awesomely satisfying unleashing a constant ten minute barrage of tactical aids on an enemy while you move your forces in to position."

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PimpHandHappy4090d ago

its very cool...

i like when u get your troops rolling and ur using air strikes to diminish the enemy

great fun

Squeezle4090d ago

This game looks really cool! I wonder how it will stack up to the best RTS of all time (I'm talking of course about StarCraft WOOT!) 1998 FTW! (BTW I still have fun playing SC!)