TGS 2007: Eternal Sonata PlayStation 3 Trailer

onAXIS "Here is another onAXIS (& Ruliweb) exclusive trailer. This time it's for Namco Bandai's upcoming PlayStation 3 game, Eternal Sonata, with added features as compared to it's Xbox 360 counterpart. Enjoy the Tokyo Game Show 2007 trailer."

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Marona4092d ago

Already playing the 360 version and it's great, looking forward to the PS3 next year.

[email protected]4091d ago

Nice the outfit and weapon change take effects kool.

lonestarmt4091d ago

this game looks really good to me, but I read in several reviews its only about 25 hours. Thats unaccecptable for a rpg. Heavenly sword is only 6 yeah, but its a different type of game. I have to wait and see how much time the new extras added to the total time, but hey if the 25 hours are pure gold, its prob still worth it.

goodganja4091d ago

Another 360 exclusive PS3 were able to steal yay!!! Developers know money cant be made on 360 when it comes to RPG's.

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