Sony To Sell Exclusive PS3+PES 2008 Bundle!

A huge thanks to ThomasGOAL for this news. Today in an interview with Georges Fornay, Chairman of PlayStation France, it was confirmed Sony plan to launch a PES 2008 PS3 bundle in November. Confirmed as an exclusive bundle for Sony, right now no one is too sure if its an offer that will stay in France.

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jromao4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

In europe PS2 + PES is found in any country as regular bundle,
and this PS3+PES2008 is a killer bundle for sure and will not be limited to France or other specific country.

Critics for PS3 stores not having PES demo yet.

nasim4090d ago

even at 2x the cost as x360....ps3 outsells it 3:1 in EUROPE ....can you even imagine what this bundle would do to its sales .

I expect the hardware sales to get a 1000% boost

leon764090d ago

PES IS MY FAVORITE GAME!!!!!This bundle is going to be a SUCCESS!!!!! PES (and Fifa)is the most wanted game in Europe and the combination with PS3 is going to be Explosive!!!!!! VIV'Ó SPORTING!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigmac5734091d ago

This game is going to be insanely popular overseas.

XxZxX4090d ago

perfect eleven soccer, very big in Europe and Japan

Adamalicious4090d ago

It's actually Pro Evolution Soccer - in EU anyway. In Japan and NA it's called Winning Eleven.

barom4090d ago

lol I don't know if that was meant as a joke but I'mma correct it anyway.

PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccer. And it's the best soccer series (unfortunately not the most famous one)..

Man my boy over in Norway is gonna get this one for sure. He's buying PS3 mainly for this game anyway and yeah it's not an exclusive but the controls on X360 is just weird for him and ruins his fun factor.

samchris4090d ago

Madden NFL ' that's a REAL football game.

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jackdoe4090d ago

If Sony wanted to make a PES 2008 bundle, than why did they focus on FIFA 08 at GC? IMO they should have partnered up with Konami at the keynote.

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The story is too old to be commented.