Cell vs G80

The Playstation 3's Cell processor is compared to nVidia's flagship beast the Geforce 8800. Check out the article to see the results, which might surprise you.

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spammy_nooo4536d ago


Nice find.

"MotorStorm only uses between 15 and 20 percent of available SPU resource, so we're aiming to achieve a 5 fold increase in SPU performance, which should allow us to do some awesome stuff!"

If this is true, can't they use the other 75-80 percent of power for more graphical awesomeness? Man, the future of ps3 graphics is going to be AWESOME!!!!

socsca4535d ago

Agree, cant wait to see what the next generation of games for the ps3 are gonna look like. Hopefully some mad awesomeness.

champ4204536d ago

so they can put this into lamens terms, lol not as computer literate as I would like to be.

drewdrakes4535d ago

Theres a lot of info missing. Specifically what computer the GPU was in. If the cell was running a tiny linux operating system and the GPU was on windows vista...then the GPU wouldnt perform as well as it could have. But this is ray tracing, which isnt used at all in games. Id prefer an actual 3d scene that we can use right now.

Relin4533d ago

If you read the comments made by the author, he points out that OS and native CPU have no effect on the test being run on the G80. So no, Linux had nothing to do with the results of the test.

I can't say I'm all that surprised that the Cell-based processors are performing better for ray math, but it's hardly indicative of the overall strength of the chip. As a programmer, I was pretty surprised when Sony decided to add a chip designed largely for servers into the PS3, and I still think IBM and Sony are just testing the water... perhaps we'll finally see that last major push away from linear programming and start using parallel designs more often.

Mc1874536d ago

im confident in the idea that the cell kicks ass. so does this prove it or simply say that its possble for it to kick ass

risk4536d ago

well the 8800GTX is more powerful then the 2900HD which is pretty much built on the unified shader architecture that was used by ATi to make the xenox gpu for the xbox360. but this is not a normal benchmark they are using "Ray-tracing" its a new type of rendering mechanism that increases realism you can say, but its very hard to render atm because we dont have sufficient clock speeds, nor enough ammount of cores.

to learn more about ray tracing go to