Is It Acceptable For A Game To Be 5 Hours Long?

360 Magazine: “Single-player games should be a four-hour experience,” says Lucasarts’ Clint Hocking

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Neckbear4412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

It really depends on how you look at it, to be honest. I think some short games ARE worth 60$, mainly thanks to their level of polish and fun. In fact, those are of the few games I ACTUALLY feel like replaying, given I love their gameplay.

I'll take quality over quantity anyday, that's it.

jerethdagryphon4412d ago

case in point

mirrors edge about a 5-6 hour single player story fits perfectly in that time frame long enough to feel the the game without becomeing overly irksome
its backed up by gods alone know how long ill spend doing the time trials mode. which gives replay and perfecting your skills.

a highly single player based game should be 10-15 hours no less unless it has exeptional circumstances like M.E

dead space 1-2 are about the right leagth in my opiinion

my friend thinks they should be like 30hours in leagth but by that time the fun is gone and its a chore

games that were two short force unleashed 2 i played through the game on hard in 6 hours and on insane or its equivlent in 5.5 to easy to short

kreate4412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )


say that to Ninja Theory. they'll like u.

PhantomT14124412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II was fun and polished. It's a "full price" game and it only lasted 4 hours in normal. I wanted (and I still want) my money back more than any Call of Duty.

EDIT: Plus it's a story mode only game.

NYC_Gamer4412d ago

i wouldn't pay 60 bucks for 5hrs

plb4412d ago

If there is no MP than I agree $60 for 5hrs is a rip off.

FantasyStar4412d ago

Even with MP: 5 hours of content is worthless. When the servers go down, then the MP is as good as dog turd. It's there, but you don't want it. MP depreciates over time: SP never depreciates.

ReBurn4412d ago

SP depreciates if there's no replay value. I can handle 5 hours of gameplay if it is worth playing over and over. But even at that, I doubt I'd pay $60 for it.

FantasyStar4412d ago

Good point. I knew that already but it never hurts to mention replay value.

hamburger1234412d ago (Edited 4412d ago )

I'd rather have a 6-8 hour game then a 20+ hour game full of bugs and shit.

Der_Kommandant4412d ago

Cough Fallout New Vegas Cough

kreate4412d ago

but they'll keep making these games cuz gamers keep supporting them.

prime examples are Treyarch, Bethesda, Obsidian Entertainment.

their games sold like hotcakes filled with bugs!

let the games bomb for once so we can send our messages through their thick heads.

haymoza4412d ago

It is unacceptable when it's at a retail price of $59.99. That's robbery in my opinion.

Magic number is 10 hours, 15-20 including any side quests/mini-games

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