The Wheelman scans from EGM

The latest issue of EGM contains an exclusive first look on The Wheelman, the movie-based game starring shiny-headed action hero Vin Diesel.

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happygamer4136d ago

movie based games sell well but quality sux pass.

Douche4136d ago

These scans alone have surprised me. I couldn't really tell how this game could work but it looks like there are some interesting things at work with The Wheelman. The graphics look on par, especially if you look at how detailed Vin Diesel's character is up close in one of the images (the one with the over-the-shoulder point of view looks pretty good). All I want to see is this game in action. I want to see how the gameplay will be.

MK_Red4136d ago

1.Awesome find and post TnS.
2.Wow, I just looked at Wheelman trailer in Stranglehold and was wondering when we will see more than the old CG trailer!

The game looks surprisingly good with top notch graphics and Vin Diesel's own Tigon company is also working and they worked on the excellent Riddick game.
I really wanted this game to be good but was prepared for a SpyHunter disaster. This was seriously surprising. Awesome.

xc7x4136d ago

now just need to see a video and gameplay action

M4I0N34135d ago

I can't believe vin diesel has to resort to the gaming industry to help boost his dumb career, i hate that guy so much, its just a total rip off of the transporter if u ask me and they're using too much CG to promote the game which to me, shows that this game isnt what its going to be (meaning its gonna be a flop)

Apocalypse Shadow4135d ago

hope they do it justice.pursuit was fun on psp.

mag lev..............

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