Disappointed Wii owner: Wii is a joke, most games are complete garbage

A Wii owner has branded most games released for the Wii as a big joke. After checking out Metacritics, only three titles manage to score above 90% over 50 games have received average review scores of 69% or lower. For what is the best selling system out there, these figures are slightly disappointing.

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CyberSentinel4092d ago

10 years from now people will say to themselves, "Damn, I can't believe I was suckered into paying $250.00 dollars for another Gamecube."

I said it back then, and I still stand by it now.

Take the Sentinel at his word.

ip-student4092d ago

HD adoption has been faster than expected but the real reason the games are lame is that you cannot do much with the Wii that hasn't already been done.

Want to make better use of physics? Sorry.
Want HD graphics? Sorry.
Want smarter AI? Sorry.
Want better lighting? Sorry.
Want to have a ton of detailed ememies on the screen at the same time? Sorry.
Want to pay a premium for the hardware with the expectation that the third party games will suck (again)? We have a winner!

Seriously - after the N64 I gave up on Nintendo. The GC didn't change my mind, and the Wii hasn't helped either. Right now price is still an issue but get the XBOX 360 down to $250 and provide some simple party games with some stupid motion controller like the Wii numchuck. Tada - Wii dies.

Okay - I will admit I have always liked the first party games from Nintendo - but why pay $250 for a system that is was obsolete before you bought it and will not make the jump to HD. No thanks.

thisisim4091d ago

I'm not sure there's much honor in standing by something negative you said. Now if you were defending a hopeless innocent, maybe. But here, I don't see it.

masterg4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

I sure the Wii will sell nice for a good while longer.
But suddenly it will drop faster than a boyband with girlfriends.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4092d ago

The hype illness is highly contagious & deadly to ones bank account! ;B

Bnet3434092d ago

yet it sells like mad, that's very wierd