The rage of being a PS3 owner

Loot Ninja got a comment back from a reader where they expressed their frustration and rage of being a PS3 owner that many gamers all share.

"what, are u kidding me "go download now". only those words alone make me wanna throw my ps3 out of the god damn window."

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Ignorant Fanboy4039d ago

Every multi-platform game that I buy is for 360.

And exclusives, I have three:

Motorstorm(havent played in a month)
Heavenly Sword(Beat it in two days)
Lair(controls give me a headache)

If I didnt have a 360, I would be an unhappy gamer.

Adamalicious4039d ago

Resistance and Warhawk are absolutely worth buying.

EZCheez4039d ago

I was really hoping when that game came out I wouldn't have to read anymore ignorant comments like this. Why don't you give it to someone who knows what to do with it?

If you can't see all the great games coming to the PS3 very soon then you really are ignorant. And if you can't appreciate those game you just mentioned (except for Lair) then you will probably never be satisfied with anything so save yourself the effort of complaining about it and just give it to someone else.

On topic though, I like the fact that updates are on Thursdays for a couple of reasons. The first being that it gives me a reason to look forward to Thursday, and the second being that I don't have to log on to the PS Store any other day of the week wondering if I missed anything new.

eagle214039d ago

I honestly try to tear myself away from my system! Always something to play or do. Go to youtube for rage videos from "other" consoles. I'll take it off your hands fanboy.

FF7numba14039d ago

Read his comments....hes a fakeboy.

CaptainMeatwad4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I still kinda like my PS3 more than my 360.

The only (exclusive) games I have for the 360 are Dead Rising, Gears of War, and Bioshock (+ ordered Halo 3 yesterday) while for my PS3 I have RFOM, Motorstorm, Ninja Gaiden, Heavenly Sword, and Warhawk.

I bought all my multiplatform games for my PS3 so I wouldn't have to pay to play online, and I haven't played my 360 in weeks. Hopefully that will change when my copy of Halo 3 arrives, but at least until then, I'm still totally occupied with Warhawk.

I guess it just depends on personal preferences, though...

EDIT: Wow, 3 more people replied while I was typing this. I must be pretty damn slow at typing :/

UnasFortuna4038d ago

Have a PS3 also humm.... I have all three systems because I love gaming for what it is. I don't go bashing one system over the other because some games are coming slower than I would like. You are a typical fanboy trying to start a flamewar over nothing. Argue all you want...both systems have their strong points and strong games. But one has something over on the other two: a future.

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Excalibur4039d ago

Ya get what ya pay for.

SmokeyMcBear4039d ago

I wonder if this rage is the same rage as seeing the red lights, just a comparison.. not every 360 owner gets the red lights and sees the rage, not every ps3 owner has rage against their machine waiting for some demos. Someone should do a poll, how many people rage against the red lights, and how many people rage against waiting for demos

Double-Edged4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

because if the 360 breaks down. it is under 3 yr warranty and new falon chip. And there are games to play already.

with the PS3...
how long has the wait been?
how long has it been third place?
how long has the delays been?
where is AAA titles?
where is rumble?
where is home?
where is the promises?
where are the demos?
where is the in-game soundtrack?

yeah.... talk about rage.
a month max of waiting for proper repairs is better than having to wait EVERsince for something to actually happen.

SmokeyMcBear4039d ago

wow double.. that was..well..illuminating to say the least. But the simple fact is...waiting will end. Those things you just mentioned.. oh yeah, they will be here. The 360 has been out for 22 months, the ps3 out for 10 months, and only about 7 in europe. The simple fact is, that 360 you bought.. will break down, woopee, you have a 3 yr warranty, go wait a month to get it back.. whoops, now its the end of october, with more releases coming out. Will you get a new 360 back? nope a refurbished, prior broken one.. that will most likely break again.. You should have just waited until the falcons come out, how long will you have to wait for that?

SJL4804039d ago

Really DE I mean Reallllllllllly does the 3 year warranty make you feel better having to send it in and wait. Doesn't the fact that it broke in the first place mean something or is it magically negated by the fact that there's a three year warranty. If my xbox or ps3 had a 10000 lifetime warranty I think I would still be pissed that it broke in the first place. If that's your logic than no need for wars or Jesus' second coming we could just give all mankind a 3 year warranty.

Lebauski4038d ago

"If that's your logic than no need for wars or Jesus' second coming we could just give all mankind a 3 year warranty."

LMAO!! Excellent! ++++Bubbles!

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PimpHandHappy4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Also why are all games being delayed until post November, PS3 owners have nothing to do once they get past Heavenly Sword, give up some titles or I think SixAxis like others may snap.

I guess he didnt like Warhawk or Graw? I love both but have yet to buy Graw. I played Vegas up till around 5 weeks ago. Traded it in for HS.

This is a problem with american soicety as a whole. We want instant satifaction and we look at the past as just that, the past. It means nothing to americans. We are the best counrty! USA USA USA

Why do ppl think Nov is so far away? Why do ppl judge games on the PS3 different? I dont know but all i do know is i have used my PS3 daily for months...



Dont be a tool! Graw might not be new but its new to me. I didnt buy a xbox for Halo and i didnt buy a 360 for Gears! So its new to me and every other person who didnt jump into the next-gen to early! If thats really how you feel then dont play Ace Combat and Devil May Cry!!! Just wait till the days MGS is out. By then the PS3 will have a very long list of games the 360 wont have...

taz80804039d ago

your right warhawk is a good game and so is heavenly sword but that is it, graw is not new that is a port of an old game, dont be happy about getting table scraps! graw is a good game but has been out for quite some time, same with Rainbow Six, the point is why does it take so long to come out on PS3. I love my PS3 and wish it had more games so I can play with it more.

Scythesean4039d ago

dude get GRAW2 it is so frecking sweet I have a hard time picking which game to play when I get home between it and Warhawk. I play warhawk if I want to just mess around and have a good time but when I want a mature game play that keeps me on my seat then I go online with GRAW2. I find GRAW2 more mature online, not to many kids. I normaly play adults or older teens and have a blast. I also notice I try harder to stay alive unlike Warhawk.

PSN: SeanScythe

malingenie4039d ago

Why all the hatin? I know I didnt buy an Xbox360 and never will (I dont have time for more than one console). Since I bought the PS3 (First week)there hasnt been a Day I dont use it. Its my browser, my party mood setter, my playing machine, everything!
I'm sure the xbox lovers love their console, but I dont go to lenghts amking them feel like crap about their system. Its just a weird console war, I dont get it. Why all this angst?

Smoke a doobie, chill and play some "Flow".

xg-ei8ht4039d ago

No disrespect to you, but usa usa usa etc, americans are that way, because your made to feel that way, well thats everyone who buys into it. Land of the free and all that,lol. Alot of it also comes about by films which are inaccurate to say the least.

The biggest lie is the amount done by us in ww2, just cracks me up, seeing films etc, and knowing the actual facts.

Many don't now.(buy into it that is) Well some americans i've known.

But its not just america that is like that.

I suppose we are all moaners etc, when this coming out, why isn't this film out yet, where is my dam game, post sucks. Why isn't my dinner being cooked. Where the hell is my

You know the story.

But patience comes with age. Well most of mine did:)

Wile4039d ago

"No disrespect to you, but usa usa usa etc, americans are that way, because your made to feel that way, well thats everyone who buys into it. Land of the free and all that,lol. Alot of it also comes about by films which are inaccurate to say the least." disrespect? That comment is full of disrespect, generalizations, and ignorant assumptions. Nice.

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PimpHandHappy4039d ago

RATM is one of my fav bands of all time! Please dont use there message in gamer form....Its not right

I just seen them at Alpine Valley and they RULED

sticky doja4039d ago

Along with the Smashing Pumpkins and many many more.