Female Fighter Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig Trailer

“Being one of the first women to represent MMA in a videogame is a dream come true for me,” said Herrig. “This is our chance to finally show gamers that female fighters can hold their own.”

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Hitman07694748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

She is hot and so is the game. I got to see Supremacy MMA at E3 last year and talk with the Prez of Kung Fu Factory and I love the vision behind this game. Fight Night Champion and Supremacy MMA are taking the sports genre to a new level. To every one else making sports games, step ya game up if you don't want to be left in the dust people! ! !


haha! nice! all i know is the more mma fighting games the better. competition is ALWAYS a good thing!

macky3014748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Bitch, make me a sammich and don't break my nose honey!!

They look pretty cool girls though,..

NickN4G4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

Women have no business fighting. They were not built to fight. If you need proof just look at those large lumps on their chests.

Put them in the ring with Ali or Tyson if they want equality. Then I will say they should be allowed to fight and be treated equally in the ring. Or if they want respect in MMA put them in the ring with someone like Rich Franklin and see if they can knock him out. If they want equality then they want to be treated the same as men and must fight men. That's what equal means. Womens MMA and womens boxing will never be respected in the same way as the mens because people know women can't fight and just put up with them because they're afraid of being labeled as sexist.

Pozzle4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

"Women have no business fighting. They were not built to fight. If you need proof just look at those large lumps on their chests."

Just like men weren't built for fighting due to the sensitive 'lumps' between their legs, right? ;)

Bozzio4748d ago

If she's trolling this thread, I'd lock your doors.


what are you talking about Nick!! i remember seing the first female mma fight in elite and it blew me away. the match got a standing ovation.

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SpaceSquirrel4748d ago

Looks like an interesting feature.


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knifefight4344d ago

All the fights feel the same and are boring as hell in this stinkbomb.


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