Halo 3 Game Save Bug: Bungie Is Investigating

Bungie has announced it is aware of this issue and it is currently investigating the cause and solution to the problem. Also, the developer announced that Bungie PRO subscriptions are currently offline due to a small issue that is also being investigated.

Gamers who played Halo 3 on their console and decided to finish the fight in a friend's Xbox 360 got a nasty surprise. There is a bug that stops you from transfer campaign progress to another Xbox 360 console whether you use a memory unit or take your hard drive. You can load up any mission or insertion point you've previously completed but you won't be able to "resume" from your last saved spot. You simply get a "Unsafe to Respawn" message and then you're taken to the menu screen.

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Jdash244040d ago

im glad to see bungie jumping on these problems when there found to take care of them.......good job bungie...........

dedicated servers please!

Ps3Fanboy7774040d ago

THATS IT! 360 is no longer allowed to say its easy to dev for because every game has major freakin issues on that console.

Id like to see a game run as good as RFOM or Sigma on the 360. I even bet money Ninja Gaiden 2 is going to have an issues.

genericname4040d ago

something MS is involved with is buggy? Noooooooooo

Masta_fro4040d ago

First post here...been reading n4g for a while now, but i couldnt resist to post on this. ..umm, i have a question. How come supposively "neutral" websites like ign review a game like Halo, which is admitedly hyped to death yet pritty good, runs natively in 640p, has framerate issues, bugs, and an average campaign..gets such a high score?

How come dirt on ps3 gets the same score even though its proven to run better? How come stuntman ignition gets a better score than heavenly sword...Really, Stuntman? I want anybody to disagree with me that the ps3 would be bashed to the ground if lets say MGS4 or KZ2 ran at 640p or had framerate issues. You know? just scratching my head here. I like both consoles but, is this really fair-play?

iheartSONY4040d ago

Well these a couple things wrong with this story. 1) I didn't know people even bought the memory unit, really your going to spend money on 64mb-512mb? 2) Gamers actually have friends outside of XBox Live & the PSN? 3) Who takes their Hard drive to their friends house? If you want to play together maybe do it over Xbox Live. Thank you for your Time.