EU Playstation Store Update 27/09/2007

The European Playstation store has just been updated. Sadly for those expecting the Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo, you may be a little disappointed.

* Folklore demo
* Sega rally demo

* Motorstorm additional content
* Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Speed-master

* Warhawk wallpapers
* Heavenly Sword wallpapers

* Feel Ski trailer
* InFamous trailer
* Heavenly Sword vids
* PES 2008 trailer

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rich30004041d ago

thers also a spider-man3 add on by the way

green goblin character

jromao4041d ago

That's so disapointing.
360 and PC are out, Konami already delivered PS3 version at same day but seems to be locked somewhere.

MrSwede4041d ago

I believe Folklore has been there quite a while.

mighty_douche4041d ago

and deleted Folklore ages ago!

oh well, get on the US and download the JERICO demo, ment to be good!!

Keowrath4041d ago

Folklore demo is the same as the original Japanese one (but in English!) the original UK demo saw more action than this one. Looking forward to Folklore so I've got both on the HD at the moment but it's pretty safe to say if you didn't like the first UK demo or got bored with it, I really don't tihnk this will appeal.

Otherwise, another superbly SUCKY update to the UK PSN!


HeartlesskizZ4041d ago

PES coming next week if not ill personally kill who ever do the updates =)

skillednutter4041d ago

....I played the 360 version and it was veru disapointing, hopefully the PS3 will get a different version.....or maybe not

THE_JUDGE4041d ago

shabby compared to what the EU is used to. I bet they will only get better from here on out.

androctonvs4041d ago

they already have the demo, yet don't release it... on the same week fifa comes out?

smart move.


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The story is too old to be commented.