F**k Halo 3 - Here's 10 massive games to play instead

Since Christmas 2007 is the first bumper holiday period that PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii can all go at it like knives in a cut-throat competition, you won't be surprised to discover that, yes, there is life outside Bungie's megapiece. So here's what's on offer - no dross, no toss, just blockbuster sized AAA entertainment. And not a Spartan in sight...

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SubZero4038d ago

I'll approve it because there are games I would much rather play this year.... But this list kinda sucks lol. I would only play half of those... maybey

MikeGdaGod4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

don't know how many times i had to resort to saying that after the barrage of xbums at Best Buy and Gamestop trying to convince to switch to the other side because of Halo.

they totally ignore when i say i don't even like fps's and continue to say things that are completely untrue like "ps3 has no video chat" "ps3 has no good games coming this year" and my favorite "remote play won't work until next year" LOL!!!!

i always follow up with, "How did you guys even get this job?" "Have you even played ps3?"

i just had to get that out because i went through it today when buying NG:Sigma. can't wait for some of the games on the list though.

VirusE4038d ago

What is wrong with owning both?

MikeGdaGod4038d ago

i owned (own, my cousin has the 360) both. i'm just not interested in any of the games coming out for 360. and with my busy schedule i don't have time to play both systems. i got about 15 ps3 games and i barely get a chance to play those.

jaja14344038d ago

I swear to god if one of those 15 games is Gundum, you need to slap yourself...right now!

HarryEtTubMan4038d ago

and I only have a 360 and have been playing Halo for 2 gays straight... it's good but I dunno...just not THAT good. It doesn't look that good, it has framerate drops, the multiplayer is almost IDENTICAL to halo 2...just with a few new gimmicks, even multiplayer maps are t he same haha... and I swear to god on my life the Campaign of Heavenly sword destrys's the same thing. Nothing new or special at all. I really am starting to believe their is some sort of American vs. japanese bias going on and thats the reason these games are getting the reviews they's all the hype and marketing.. I dunno. I enjoy the multiplayer WAAAYYY more than the campaign but its still just very float, generic FPS action. What Halo does best is give plenty of modes to play so u don't get as bored fast. Just don't listen to fanboy's I'm not one, that's why I'm telling u the truth right now lol. This game is seriously not worth buying a whole console for. It's good but I dunno. The graphics aren't good AT ALL. The story is GENERIC AS H#LL. Wait for Killzone and don't believe the hype. I've already played with many many many people that say"well at first I was dissapointed but, I just realize this is Halo" or "I'm just not happy with Bungie I should've just saved my money and played Halo 2". It REALLY is THAT similiar. There is NOTHING and I mean nothing cutting edge or special about Halo 3. ALL hype.

sticky doja4038d ago

Dude don't even try to lie and say you have been playing Halo, just checked a few of your old comments and you are one of the biggest Halo/Xbox bashers out there. I mean to a story about Halo about to go on sell the only thing you write is "GAAYLLOOO." Give it up,

and lose a bubble.

HarryEtTubMan4038d ago

THAT'S BECAUSE I KNEW I WAS GOING TO GET WHAT I BOUGHT, the SAME OLD HALO gameplay that fanboys claim is sooo amazing but in reality is very generic and unoriginal.extremly overhyped. I only have a 360 dude, I want a PS3 but don't have one and probally won't be getting one until end of year/beginning of next year. The first map is called landfall and I just finished the 5th level of the campaign(where the scary FLOOD ALIENS are revealed. I already beat the scarab. Multiplayer is the same sh!t. haha. Don't lie dude Halo isn't sh!t no matter what is said. It's becoming a joke. Spend millions on marketing and hype and ur game will be boosted 10x. I know you're dissapointed too. I dunno maybe not. All I knw is that I bought my 360 FOR HALO... and knew this was's honestly even worse than I thought from the videos. THEY EVEN USED THE SAME MULTIPLAYER MAPS, AS IF THEY'RE SO AMAZING AND I WANT TO PLAY THEM OVER. This game shows signs of desperation and has done nothing but dissapoint thouands of Halo fans worldwide. It really is Halo 2.5.

Hockeymac184038d ago

Same maps? There's only one map that was re-done: Zanzibar. I would have agreed with you if your facts were actually accurate. Are you playing the game on an HDTV? Do you honestly think outside of the fact that it's a Halo game that it is that similar to Halo 2? They've added more than "a few gimmicks." Have you messed around with Forge yet? Done any saved films? I won't say they changed a whole of the gameplay (if it's not broken, why try to fix it?), they went back to many things that made Halo 1 awesome. Halo 3 is fun, and that's all that matters. The environments are huge and immense; and although you think the story is lame, I would argue that it's a pretty epic story (although this is opinion; so is your "story is lame" can't be proven, so really shut the hell up about it bud).

Almost nothing is known about Killzone 2, so I would strongly encourage everyone creaming their pants over it to loosen up and actually wait for some real footage (more than a couple minutes off screen at a game show) and/or a demo. It shows promise, but the first one blew ass, so I see no reason this one should blow everyone away (what do you mean...Sony said it would...waaaah, they never lie (yes, MS lies as well. Sony isn't any different though so get off your pedestal please).

Really just stop complaining about the game. If you bought and are seriously that disappointed, sell the damned thing. What will complaining on this site do? Either have fun with the game (if you can't have fun with Halo 3, that's unfortunate), or shut up about it. Invite some buddies online and do some co-op. The series has always been at its best when bringing a bunch of friends together; that is what made it awesome to me.

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MyNutsYourChin4038d ago

I'd end up only playing the games on the second page...

sticky doja4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

All the games they mention aren't even out yet. Halo 3 is playable right now, so what are you supposed to do till those games get released?

Edit: @Viper
I'm talking about video games dude, obviously going outside is a viable option.

RadientFlux4038d ago

Hardcore multi-console gamers will do both play Halo then play everything on the list.

Scrooge4038d ago

I love Halo 3 but that doesn't mean I've totally forgotten about everything else that's coming out. Do you really think the future sales of the games on this list will be affected because Halo 3 came out several months before. Let's not forget, the 360 has seen success in the past 2 years and that success was earned without the Halo franchise. There are other games on the 360 that are great too.

Saint Sony4038d ago

Isn't Assassin's Creed coming this year as well?

sticky doja4038d ago

and I would take that game over any of the games on the first page of this "article."

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