Japanese Sales Figures: PSP Slim Knocks Nintendo for Six

The latest sales figures are in and the release of the PSP Slim has completely wiped the floor with the competition this week, giving Sony the lead for a second week running. Check out the software list at source, and the early hardware figures.

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nasim4041d ago

TWENTY TWENTY cricket world cup fever i should say.

BTW x360 sales dropped below 1000 in JAPAN

yesssssss grabage box 360 is fully dead in JAPAN and will be dead in EU tomorrow when FIFA 08 hits the ps3.

FIFA 08 has knocked HALO 3 from most of the charts in EU

testerg354041d ago

When did FIFA 08 become a PS3 exclusive? And aren't PS3 fans bitter towards EA so probably won't buy FIFA? I don't even know why I'm asking considering you have 1 bubble.

SmokeyMcBear4041d ago

jebus, it sold 270,000 units ay caramba

wetowel4041d ago

sweet mother of god psp is rockin japan.

cooke154041d ago

for 2 weeks out of 52? lol

hazeblaze4041d ago

may only be two weeks... but 252k?!!! hell yea psp is rocking the ds!!! however short lived, this definitely shows SE that their products MOVE systems... that's freakin incredible!

[email protected]4040d ago

hazeblaze *ding**ding**ding*Bingo

Iceman100x4041d ago

What wiped the floor? lol isn't that what the ds has been doing all over the world for years lol stupid article. Someone is happy the failed psp finally sold more than 1000 systems a week, and it's just going to go right back where it was except this will never happen again.

crck4041d ago

Go play some Nintendogs that should get you happy, happy, bouncy again..

reaferfore204041d ago


lonestarmt4041d ago

haha think your confused, thats the 360 in Japan. The psp is actually doing very well is actually been out selling the ps3 some months. Not saying the ps3 is selling too hot either. just imagine if SE releases FF7 remake on the ps3.

mikeslemonade4041d ago

The PSP outsold the a DS by a margin of 4 to 1 so you can bet that it's going to outsell the DS through this year or whenever Dragon Quest comes out which is basically the only hardcore game they have coming out. You forgot that when the games that have American appeal such as Castlevania, God of War, and Final Fantasy come out in America, the PSP will start outselling DS here in the U.S.

ItsDubC4041d ago

Aside from a few Dragon Quest titles, the DS will also get the Final Fantasy IV remake before the end of this year.

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malingenie4041d ago

I helped by buyin one of these, sweet, sweet, hardware miracles.

Now i'm officialy playing in all Sony's platforms PS1 on my PSP, PS2 on my PS3, Ps3 and PSP.
I am a fanboy, I guess. From My First Walkman to 2day, love those inventive japs!

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