Silent Hill: Games Radar first Impressions

Silent Hill V will give the horror series a vigorous shaking up on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, using the new-gen techno grunt to implement spookier and more alarming behaviour in your lethal fleshbeast foes, starting with an attraction to light and sound. Worse, the stronger creatures will also be able to hammer down doors, hungrily chasing you through the game's hellish environments.

The Hill's nurse nasties, complete with unsettling pillow-sized revealed cleavage, are chronically attracted to light or sound. One of your first encounters sees a group of said PVC-clad ladythings gathered around a dulled X-ray viewing box. Flick a switch to turn the box on, and the gray-skinned monsters claw earnestly towards it in disturbing fashion.

Bump into a nearby table and the noise of tumbling objects will also draw the nurse's attention. Immediately, gameplay effects become clear, especially when you learn that a later puzzle requires access to the beast-surrounded X-ray box. Distracting and avoiding large numbers of enemies is surely now a vital skill to learn.

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