Official PlayStation Magazine Reviews PES2008

This is more like it! OPM, or POM as its now known (PlayStation Official Magazine), has a gigantic review of PES 2008 on PS3. Covering over 6 pages in the magazine, its a fantastic review that covers every aspect of the game.

At the end of it all, POM awarded PES 2008 9/10! We'll have the scans of the magazine within a few weeks, but here's a quick summary of what they said:

"...Theres no other game on PS3 that you're guaranteed to be playing obsessively
this time next year. PES is magic because it is football in all its glory and
madness, and as such you're never really finished with it."

POM will be on the shelves from tomorrow, make sure you pick it up for the full review!

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pandabear4040d ago

I have now decided to wait on PES after much debate on whether or not to get Fifa instead.

trevjim4040d ago

i have played the pc demo of this and the pc and ps3 demo of fifa and this is soooooooo much better great game!

ferrari3554040d ago

On the comments on the winningelevenblog there is this: No demo included in the mag though!!

Is this true??

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The story is too old to be commented.