Total Video Games Halo 3 Review: 8/10

TVG finally finishes the fight - a zero-hype, no nonsense take on what Microsoft no doubt believes is the biggest game of 2007...

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power of Green 4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Anybody thats actually played this game knows ther is no way in hell this is a 8 scoring game. Dudes own chart scores it high but it still gets an 8 when it doesn't look like ther is much more room on his graph for two more points. Too many reviews for halo; 3 times more than any other game. Bottom feeders will be popping out of the woodwork by no names. People we know so little about isn't good for any game its impossible to tell if they're biased or have an agenda.
I wouldn't be surprized If Maddens Raiders post this or some other rabid like MK_RED.

Maddens and his agenda...

ACE4039d ago

i just finished the game and boy is it one of the best games i have ever played ....... the artists have done an amazing job on the graphics ... beauty amazing stuff just ignore fools like this idiot ....
rat boy raider .... go back and play ur over hyped ps3 and stop posting bull $hit like this ....

Jinxstar4039d ago

Sorry bud I have to disagree. Graphics were good but not amazing. The ending was a total cop out. (SPOILER ALERT Dont read anymore if you don't want the ending.) not killing master chief is just securing the franchise... Almost everyone I talked to and heard from said "The chief should go out in a blaze of glory!!!" I agree. Keeping him a live is a total cop out and pissed me off. That was the worst part. There are a few other issues I didn't like but, meh, whatever.

I did enjoy the game. The campaign was fun. Ima have a halo party sunday and hopefully it will be more fun the I have been having in the online. Good game. Not quite amazing though I think...

Torch4039d ago

Holy "pot calling the kettle green and orange", Batman!

DeadIIIRed4039d ago

I'm surprised you made it through, what is it, like 6 hours of campaign story mode without your system blowing up.

eleaz144039d ago

PS3 OVERHYPED!!?? stop being so hypocritical you halo fanboy

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mighty_douche4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

why do all the xbox fanboys feel then need to defend it so much and jump on any review who scores it lower than AAA, if its so good go and play it and let the game do the talking.

kingboy4039d ago

Bioshock ,Gears of War deserve a 10/10 not Halo 3

Greysturm4039d ago

you are really susceptible to the propaganda, the game is good but is nowhere near the other titles that have achieved a perfect score, and this is coming from a guy that was skeptical about the reviews. Even the perfect reviews make no sense on the fact "THEY HAVE COMPLAINTS WHICH IN ANY OTHER TITLE THEY WOULD LOWER ITS SCORE" but then again fanboys will be fanboys.

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The story is too old to be commented.