“Recession-proof” gaming industry falling from favor according to Nielsen

GrE writes, "Nielsen reports, however, that that money is not being directed toward our favorite pasttime..."

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bgrundman2793d ago

Why do I feel like this has been coming for a long time?

Chris3992793d ago

Then add another $25-$100 worth of DLC and a savvy consumer starts to wonder if its worth it.

I try and buy discounted whenever possible unless its a niche title that needs to be supported. AAA stuff can always wait for the inevitable sale (for me). Only AAA games I might buy new this year are DA: 2 and Skryim (and about a dozen JRPGs, but they all fall under "niche").

bgrundman2793d ago

You have a point there, but with the rising cost of development, doesn't that justify at least a slight increase in the price of the product? We can just get everything for free when corporations like Activision are leading the way.

starven2793d ago

I can handle a $60 game, but the DLC that is either released the same day as the game release hurts the pocket book. Maybe it is time to save that DLC for a month or two. All this DLC does is make me wait a year until they release a GoTY which include all the DLC packs for one lower price.

angstygaijin2793d ago

No industry is "recession proof" right now - especially not in entertainment. Though with the addition of new kinds of business models aside from the $60 retail release, there are plenty of new ways to make money from games.

Corporations are massive and resistant to change. Imagine what would have happened if the Big 3 announced their next-gen home consoles this year to coincide with the usual 5-6 year turnaround? The industry would implode on itself.

roblef2793d ago

Honestly, $60 per game is fine, but there's way too many games on release at the same time. Any kind of serious gamer is laying out at LEAST $60 each month just to play through games that, let's face it, aren't always up to snuff. It's definitely made me cut back on the "buy 'cause it looks cool" kind of purchasing decisions I used to make.

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