DualShock 3: First Impressions by CVG

Such a fuss hasn't been made out of a rumbling controller since Nintendo pioneered the whole idea with the N64 Rumble Pak back in 1997, but the shaking SixAxis, or DualShock 3 as it will be known, flew in straight from TGS.

Sony strolled into the CVG office this week with one of the new pads for CVG to put under a magnifying glass for an in-depth look. CVG even got to play with it.

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Arkham4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Hopefully when they get some other new games to test with it (eg MGS4 demo, which vibrated the demo controllers on different sides), we'll find out if the positional rumble made it to the final production models.

Violater4091d ago

Even if it is the new touch sense tech.
The game itself needs to be programed properly to take full advantage of its features.
And with Devs like Kojima and the guys from DMC saying they only got the drivers for the DS3 a week before TGS, It is unlikely anyone had time to get it into their demos properly.

xaphanze4091d ago

Seems like last gen rumble to me.

HowarthsNJ4091d ago

It's amazing how these sites manage to be biased without really trying.

I'm sure it's more about the new rumble software (and game) rather than the pad itself.

masterg4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Well it's not.. Not that there is anything wrong with last gens rumble.
But this new version sounds cool.

Should be really helpful for example felling that people are shooting you from the left instead of having to look for it on the screen.

Or feeling where the battle is going on instead of trying to pinpoint it by sound alone.

Greysturm4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Even if its advanced i dont think they would have managed to get it to do much more than just typical rumble, however Ryans podcast from the Kojima productions said it had some +functionality than normal rumble.

Rims4091d ago

Tounch sense is next gen rumble.

Salvadore4091d ago

What the hell was all the fuss 1up made about the controller.

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The story is too old to be commented.