Wii won't last, says UK Xbox boss

Senior regional director of the entertainment and devices division at Microsoft UK Neil Thompson has taken a swipe at home console rival Nintendo.

He told MCV: "Nintendo are doing very well and they've done a great job at expanding the market in certain areas, but there is a limit in terms of what you can do with Wii and there is a very definite limit on the expandability of that product..."

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Dudeson424041d ago

I'm sorry, but he was probably one of the millions of folks who said it would NEVER sell in the first place, and look how that turned out. You can't bet against a company thats been in the game as long as the Big N, IMO. And in addition, I think it's pretty d*mn foolish to be saying that stuff about a console that JUST passed yours to take the #1 spot in worldwide sales...

Basch4041d ago

...with a years' head start given to the Xbox 360.
Funny that MS also boasted about its sales figures a couple of days ago....

HeartlesskizZ4041d ago

He might be right but Wii will keep on selling more then 360/ps3 atleast for the next 6-8 months

nasim4041d ago

x360 is the least selling next gen console in the world.

MS shouldnt be saying so since x360 is dead in both JAPAN and EU

lawler4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Yawn, what else was he going to say?



AndrewR4041d ago

... my Wii has so far outlasted two of my friends 360s.

Four words. Red Ring of Death.

There may be a limit to what the Wii can do graphically, but at least it turns on and off.

Bnet3434041d ago

What do you expect him to say?

AndrewR4040d ago

... I expect their employees to keep quiet instead of making snide remarks about a console that is selling better than their own. I believe Thompson's comments probably stem from an all round good feeling at Microsoft because of the launch of their best selling game ever, Halo 3, and thus they feel like boasting. The old phrase "putting all your eggs in one basket" springs to mind.

And I have to disagree with Nintendo being a one-trick pony. Surely this is Microsoft, who are relying on Halo 3 to sell the 360 over christmas, only they have released it too early for the christmas rush while Nintendo still have Metroid (in Europe), Mario, Umbrella Chronicles, Endless Ocean, possibly Zack and Wiki and also Nights and the gun with Link's Crossbow training, which while slightly ridiculous, will sell a boatload.

Rooftrellen4040d ago

"What do you expect him to say?"

Sometimes the most powerful words are the ones that are never said. Saying it won't last sounds a bit like a child who got his toy taken away saying that he didn't want it anyway.

MS has, for a long time, been saying bad things about Sony and Nintendo. That may keep some people from buying a Wii or PS3, but sales say that doesn't encourage them to buy a 360, either.

Mars Attacker4041d ago

The Wii is a one-trick pony with a worse software library than the PS3. You grab one and buy Wii Sports and one or two other games and your done. At that point it becomes a nice casual compliment to a 360 or PS3; something to be used by guests at a party or by kids.

Expect the 360 to outsell the Wii THIS Christmas and not look back.

ItsDubC4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

So which two games did you buy for your Wii? Wait, what? You never bought a Wii? Then how do you... oh nevermind, I see.

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