Images of Ace Combat VI

Atari knows how to tease us with the new high resolution images from the aerial game Ace Combat VI for the Xbox 360.

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Arkham4038d ago

Looking very sweet. 360 fans who's never played the previous games in the series are in for a treat.

Vip3r4038d ago

Isn't this game a timed exclusive? BTW the GR4s and Typhoons looks awesome.

Arkham4038d ago

While it's been rumoured to be a timed-exclusive, nothing has officially been announced.

Regardless, 360 owners will have the first crack at this game, and it'll be great.

boi4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I played the demo and to my surprise (having never play any ace combat before) it plays really well...and wow it seems really smooth too apart from a slow pace start...good one ace combat

so this is a game if any of you guys are into flying for the xbox owners :D

kn4038d ago

I'm not a huge flight sim fan but this game looks to be a winner. The graphics are freaking seriously cool. Flying at low altitude over the cities (and into the buildings while not paying attention, lol) is really cool. Another winner on the 360...

Mars Attacker4038d ago

The demo for this game is awesome. Graphics look REAL! I showed the demo to a friend of mine - who's a pilot - and he looked like he was going to cry when I told him it won't be coming out on the PS3. A couple of days later his wife told me that he's been looking at 360's...

There is a new demo video on XBL that will blow your socks off. I'm getting the full-boat package with the flight sticks and throttle the first day it comes out!!

SmokeyMcBear4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I hope he punches you when he finds out that it is coming to the ps3 and he just wasted 400 bucks on a overheating pile of crap

Well considering Ive never played the game, really could care less about "losing an exclusive". Actually, I just hope he punches you in face for the hell of it. Go back to your bunny hop madness that is halo, and keep playing it for 3 years when the the new xbox comes out. You might even be on console #4 by that time. Good luck with taht.

Mars Attacker4038d ago

Smoky, what year will AC6 come out for the PS3? Sometime after Bioshock comes to the PS3 I guess. LOL!

I'll be playing AC6 in all its glory in a matter of weeks rather than waiting months and months and months for another cheap 360 port that probably will never come anyway.

By the way, I did tell my friend of the fanboy rumors that AC6 may come to the PS3, but he is not the type to wait a year for something that he wants when he can have it NOW.

Go cry some more over lost PS3 exclusives while I go continue the battle in Halo 3.

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