Halo 3 Japan Sell Out Shocker

Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft reports that he is in shock and disbelief to find out Halo 3 is actually sold out in one store in Tokyo.

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San anto4136d ago

it was later reported the store decided to stock 4 copies of the game.

sticky doja4136d ago

Most likely not accurate but funny.

DeadIIIRed4136d ago

Hell, Gamestops in my area didn't even stock Warhawk. Four might be a little exaggerated, but ten or so sounds more like it.

B3YOND4136d ago

Funny but still hopeless.

PimpHandHappy4136d ago

yea this store had 10 copies

THE_JUDGE4136d ago

We sold all for copies and the employee's bought 3!

gta_cb4136d ago

whats really funny is you miss spelling four, or in your case "for"...

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The story is too old to be commented.