Xbox 360? Would You Like A Wii With That?

Kotaku Reports: One of the more curious trends we saw at Yodobashi Akiba this morning for the Halo 3 launch was the attach rate... for Wiis. We weren't looking that hard, but we saw at least three people "jumping in" to the "HD era" while at the same time swimming in the "blue ocean" of "new gen." I couldn't tell you how many middle age gamers-or gamer parents-decided to go Wii60 today, but it was more than I had expected.

Maybe Microsoft should focus more on the 40-year old Japanese housewife market. They seem to be into it. Want more proof? Minor anecdotal evidence (our favorite kind!) right after this.

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Venom_Blood4043d ago

Who could have imagine Microsoft selling Wiis =p

HeartlesskizZ4043d ago

I see that some times at the mall mom and kids getting a wii60

ItsDubC4043d ago

Great news for the whole videogame industry as far as I'm concerned. If consumers own a greater variety of consoles, they will likely buy more games because each console has appealing games that the others don't. Kinda shows how console allegiance (aka "fanboyism") hurts the industry.

nasim4043d ago

Halo 3 couldnt even sell 10 000 copies on the launch day.

x360's hardware sales have plummetted below 1000 units last week in JAPAN

The figures will be coming out tonight


AngryTypingGuy4042d ago

nasim, it must eat you up that the 360 is widening its gap with the PS3 and the fact that Halo 3 is breaking records, not just for videogames, but all of entertainment. Who cares what is happening in Japan. It's halfway around the world. We all know Microsoft won't impact Japan for a long time, if ever. But they sure are kicking ass here and in Europe.

HeartlesskizZ4043d ago

The only reason it sold if because the hype of Halo 3 got them curious for the game. plus 9 titles for the wii just came out including the NINJA BREAD game =) so is a good reason to get both

PS360PCROCKS4043d ago

Lol! New marketing campaign for Nintendo and Microsoft.

KoolMan4043d ago

Nobody like a white midget coming to Japan telling that green is the way to go(not that Asians are tall). dont you know that once you go black you cant go back?

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