Mole report: New Xbox Core Sku, Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance pack-in

Ars Technica's mole has sent them another communication, deep from the depths of the deep depths from whence he operates. The first thing he shares is that he's still convinced that the $400 PS3 is coming soon. The rest of this information he gave Ars Technica seems to be set in stone, along with dates, so it will be easy to verify after Microsoft makes its official announcements. What can we expect from the Xbox 360 at retail in the coming weeks?

New Xbox Core Sku "at the end of October" that will include a new version of the system with an HDMI port, wireless controller, 256MB memory card, and five arcade games on a physical disc. The games will be Boom-Boom Rocket, Pac-man, Uno, Feeding Frenzy, and Luxor 2. This package is expected to retail for the normal Core price of $279.99.

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DrRage774038d ago

bubble for you for verifying this! great job, this is the kind of comments and support we need to all these rumor articles...nice job!

SonySoldiers4038d ago

1. Never say something good about our competitor's consoles/games. Try to attack its shortcomings and do not listen to their opinions.

2. Never believe when they bring up bad news about the Playstation 3, just say something like "it doesn't surprise me" and act as if there's nothing wrong with it.

3. Never show your anger even if they make fun of your opinion, put a smile sign in your writings or say something like you don't get upset over anything.

4. Never cease to defense other Ps3 fans like you always do for your favorite console. Show the crowds that Ps3 owners are one big family unit.

5. Never ever think the Playstation 3 will loose the console wars or it ain't got no games, the console's lifespan is about 10 years so it's just in the beginning. You do not want to give up things easily.

Thanks so much for your loyalty to Sony's Playstation 3. There's always hopes and promises in the future!

ktchong4038d ago

This is the worst bundle, ever.

DrRage774038d ago

explain how two free games is the "worst bundle ever" lol if you don't like the games, fine, who cares, you are still getting two free games. would you rather take a system, or a system with 2 free games for the exact same price?

geez, some people will be constant whiners no matter what.....

cuco334038d ago

maybe some of you ps3 die hard fantrolls, like yourself, should pick this up and enjoy gaming on all platforms. the ONLY thing you would ever need really is the HDD which nowadays you can get super cheap on ebay.

hdmi port (not a need but all the sony guys make it so) - check
wireless controller - check
5 free arcade games - check
2 free great 360 games - check
memory card - check
cheaper price - check

fjtorres4038d ago doesn't include a PS3, right? :-1

vgn244038d ago

This is 9 month old news! Is this a joke? N4G has gotten pathetic with approvals coming to any big name site regardless how old or stupid the content is. Every MF'er who approved this is a joke and a jack*ss.

Not old?
Even people "not in the know" have known about this since July.

BIadestarX4038d ago

ehh? which part is old the one about the new PS3 SKU or the one about the new xbox 360 core sku with HDMI? How can I not know about this. I'm not trying to go against what you are saying but I don't remember this. Do you mind showing us how this is old news?

power0919994038d ago

It's new to me.

Links to this "old news"? I want to see what I missed. I don't like being surprised.

joydestroy4038d ago

he's right. this is old news. we heard about the 360 bundles with those specific games a while back.

kspraydad4038d ago

Kotaku actually reported this bundle OVER A MONTH AGO on thier blog and now reprint this as some kind of 'insider' knowledge from ArseTechnica?

From Aug 12 / 2007:

As for the HDMI Core...didn't we all know this already?

TnS4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Maybe because this one contains more information (pricing of the bundles) and comes from a "trusted" source.

vgn244038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

So now they even act like news they already reported is new? What a joke! Screw it, I'll at least toss in the alternative source that has real images instead acting like it's a be SECRET RUMOR! lmao

Look, no site is perfect. I know that because I stood by a story that turned out false a couple days ago, but why do people act like Kotaku is sh*tting fudging gold and diamonds when they squat. Their a55 stinks sometimes too.

joydestroy4038d ago

yup, thanks for finding that link because i didn't want to, ha.

achira4038d ago

why is this in the ps3 section ? i dont care about it, so keep it at the xbox360 section.

vgn244038d ago

It contains PS3 info. Why comment on a story you obviously didn't bother to even read? Pathetic. Do me a favor and play in traffic, cut your wrists or something. That or learn to read.

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