Halo 3 is a love story

The game's only been out for a day and already the hater backlash has begun. "Halo 3's story is too predictable," they mutter. "We've done this all before," they whine. "More of the same!" they proclaim smugly to anyone willing - or unwilling - to listen.

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squallsoft4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

so according to this article, smart AI is revolutionary? guess they never played Half Life 2. omg a massive war is going on all around you in the sky and on the ground? hmmmmmm: call of duty, medal of honor, gears of war, resistance fall of man and so many more i fail to mention have done it before! how is this game revolutionary? give me one reason why this game is revolutionary to the point where people can wholly justify that it has "changed" the face of gaming? forge? give me a break, people have been making custom maps in counter strike for years! its a joke! a big joke with a punchline that is making Micro$oft laugh all the way to the bank. and for the record, i own the game and have played it to completion and am very pissed. it wasn't what the man said it was gonna be. it wasn't anything i haven't seen before at a lower resolution. in short it wasn't a game that deserved the high marks and praise its getting. if this is the best Microsoft can do, i can promise you that in 5 yrs, no one will remember 360 because the wii and ps3 will have innovated to the point of being at a level beyond what the white box is giving players. PS: i am already planning on returning halo 3 and putting money down on ratchet and clank. at least that game is being advertised for what it is, a really good next gen game, not the holy grail of gaming.


rusgreim4039d ago

List your 360 gamertag so those of us who don't believe a word of your fanboi $hit can verify that you own or have played the game. Otherwise, I consider you a liar and a general a$$hole.

For the record, I DO own the game, and I HAVE beat the game and was very satisfied with the conclusion and I love the multiplayer.

I believe you are a PS3 fanboi, and you are exactly what the article refers to, a (shallow) hater.

Shadow Flare4039d ago

Halo 3 isn't revolutionary in anything. At all. It's the most over-hyped and undeserving of it's praise game out. It's Halo 2 HD, an game so identical to it's predecessors it's a joke it's getting 10/10. Crap story, crap ending, crap single player, crap graphics and a near carbon-copy of Halo 2, in HD. Yet it gets 10/10, when a fantastic AND revolutionary game like Heavenly Sword gets 7/10 from IGN. Explain? Anyone??

squallsoft4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

rusgreim, Im sorry, dude, but A.) im not a sony fanboy. i dont champion crappy games like Lair. B.) Im not dumb enough to give out my tag to someone like you who will most likely harass me for not loving Halo 3 C.) You are the one who sounds like a fanboy right now. and D.) i wasnt trying to say Halo 3 is a bad play, Im just trying to say that I don't think its as important to gaming as everyone in the media is trying to say it is. Understand?

PS: Im not the one with a Halo avatar. "fanboi" lol

BIGBAER4039d ago

Heck, that's nothing more than a colorful KIDDIE GAME; a lame no-story-at-all kill-the-level-bosses rehash.

Here's the difference: I can go to work and tell everyone that I've been playing Halo 3. It's a guaratee that someone will want to know more and others will chime in that their playing Halo 3 as well. Halo 3 has the buzz; Halo 3 is cool!

Now... would YOU go to work and announce your playing Ratcet & Clank? Come now, you KNOW you wouldn't. Not unless you worked in a Child Daycare facility... Ya, admit it.

Scrooge4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Anyone who says Halo 3 is really halo 2 HD is ignorant.

P.S. common squall, put your money where your mouth is and give us your gamertag for proof. How can we harrass you, you can block any users. We're just calling your bluff.

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rhood0224039d ago

I returned my copy. I just couldn't find any redeeming value. I'm not a huge multiplayer fan (too many kids trying to be cool), so I was banking on Halo's story to satisfy. It didn't.

After playing Bioshock, then Heavenly Sword, then going into Halo, I was not floored by the presentation. In parts, the visuals are nice (not good, or great), but the character models, especially close up are "Halo 2 in HD" as people say.

The feel of the game is off as well. After playing Gears, Master Chief feels floaty. He has no weight and the weapons don't "feel" as powerful as they should be. The assault rifle is a joke that is muffled.

Sadly, the scores Halo got reflect more on the state of gaming than it probably means to. Too many people rely on reviews to make their decisions and games like Halo, such as Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, GTA, Metroid, Zelda, Mario, that have these expectations attached to them, will score well simply because of their legacy. Read the Halo reviews, all of them have critical complaints (especially the Australian ones), yet, they find some justification to give it an undeserving score. When these other games are released, it will be the same thing. I mean, every Zelda game uses the same formula (the EXACT SAME FORMULA). Reviewers note that, yet it still gets 9 or 10?

Because of this, people will buy into the hype regardless if the game is any good or deserving of the reviews. Sadly, fanboys on all sides will not admit if the game doesn't live up to their expectations simply because doing so will take away that "one up" mentality that dominates gaming today. Game mags and websites, likewise will never print true opinions because cases like the "Prey" fiasco exist and also, printing something that goes against peoples inflated expectations is bad business.

squallsoft4039d ago

And isn't it sad that really awesome groundbreaking titles such as: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus go virtually unnoticed? It really is a sorry state of affairs. we need innovation, not another fps!

San anto4039d ago

i agree the story to halo 2.5 AKA halo HD sucks ass, some sheet happens then JOHNSON N MASTER CHIEF BOTH GET OWND!
give me heavenly sword or mgs ny day.

FordGTGuy4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

You guys are retarded.

I've read all the books and now all the games and I love the ending in Halo 3.

I bet you haven't even touched Halo 3 and BTW yes you are a douchebag welcome to my ignore list.

"I returned my copy. I just couldn't find any redeeming value. I'm not a huge multiplayer fan (too many kids trying to be cool), so I was banking on Halo's story to satisfy. It didn't."

Your kidding me right? You bought a game this is known for its great multiplayer and campaign to only play the campaign? That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

But thanks for not throwing around stupid comments so I won't ignore or take bubbles from you.

He was also clear in saying that he would never be interested in the multiplayer and only bought the game hoping that the single player would keep him going(solo campaign). Yet from the way he was talking it doesn't even sound like he gave Halo 3 a chance at all when it came to anything but the campaign.

lonestarmt4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

uhm didn't he say he wasn't a fan of multiplayer?? i thought he was really clear about

squallsoft4039d ago

sorry man, but i dont need to justify my opinion to a person like you. I was clear with what I said and if you dont like it, well then thats too bad. as far as the "ingnore" list is concenrned, i didnt even know you were paying attention, so no loss there.

rhood0224039d ago

I should have been more clear. I gave multiplayer a try with one and two. But the experience was ruined by the immaturity of the other players. Kids who thought they were more adult than they actually were.

I understand that multi is what the series is known for, but when I buy a game that is secondary to the campaign. I've maintained my opinion that the series SHOULD have always been multi-only.

lonestarmt4039d ago

Halo is a fun game to play, but I think this whole article proves is over hyped and people are looking at likes its deep when it isn't

"Cortana: I'll miss you.
Master Chief: Wake me when you need me."

wow so deep. I can feel the emotion. Give me a break. I could write better romance than that. She is a freaking hologram for pete's sake and he loves her? Thats sad... It has fun multiplayer thats it. Stop acting like the story is soo deep and interesting. Finish the fight? thats silly too, anyone who believes halo 3 is the last one has got to be kidding themselves.

FordGTGuy4039d ago

"Cortana: I'll miss you.
Master Chief: Wake me when you need me."

"wow so deep. I can feel the emotion."

Master Chief was brought up from a child as a mindless fighting machine that follows orders and does what he was trained to do and thats to kill. Cortana if anything is more like an Older Sister since she was his teacher since the first day of his Spartan training. Dr. Halsey is pretty much the his mother and the mother of all the Spartans as she is one of the main people who were put in charge of the 1st Generation Spartan Program. Cortana is a replica of what Dr. Halsey looked like when she was young.

If you can't understand the story then don't hate on it.

squallsoft4039d ago

...being done by FordGTGuy, i guess we can easily determine who the fan-boy is here. I haven't put anybody down for liking the game and enjoying it. I simply stated my opinion and for some reason that got your panties all tied in a knot. just get over the fact that there are people in this world that have played it and been disappointed. its called reality. halo is not the end all be all video game franchise. I'm sorry that that hurts your feelings man. you'll get over it though when halo 4 comes out and they tell you that it will do your laundry for you! lol

mighty_douche4039d ago

dude, you seem to love the chief a little 'to much'. is it his jaggie helmet you like so much??

Greysturm4039d ago

But with the halo hype in mind, The ai that eductaed them was not Cortana so it is a crappy love scene in the game maybee even an edipts complex of the chief.

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Mr Marbles4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

All the hate just proves this game is great. Oh and by the way, i hope you morons who "returned" the game played all the way through,the game starts off slow and kinda boring for folks who have never played. The new features alone make it a keeper, not to mention online co op, that is just pure fun shot str8 into your vains. I played half the game with my pal in another state, it was absolute gaming ectasy

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