Heavenly Sword arrives at Mygen were lucky enough to find Heavenly Sword on their doorstep this morning, but it isn't any standard type of the game. Sony seems to be going to great lengths to send their games to us in the most flashy way possible and boy are they impressed.

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KoolMan4039d ago

They got it late, but they got a very good case with it

jtmill074039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I got this game sunday and i LOVE it. I could just sit and watch the cut scenes because their that good and chapter 5 the War Machine level was [email protected]#@#@# BAD [email protected]#..... To be able to fight that many people at one time was FUN.......

alan0014039d ago

played this game about a week ago, its really good BUT I WANT THAT CASE!!!! lol

Frulond4039d ago

incredible promo pack :D
Heavenly Sword is an amazing game, the graphics and gameplay are great. I just got my copy a couple days ago and I just doesn't want it to end :D

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The story is too old to be commented.