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Michael Futter Writes: There is no mistaking a Bioware game and Dragon Age 2 is most certainly shaping up to be the refinement of everything that the RPG giant is known for.

Cutting edge visuals? Check.
Epic soundtrack? Check.
Unforgettable characters? Check.
Customized experience? Most definitely. Check.

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Chris3992846d ago

And I was dead set on not buying it till the GOTY version. I will be grabbing it. Between the Western and JRPGs out this year I'm frickin' broke.

Neckbear2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

I played it on PC, and for what I played, the graphics are horrid. The drama felt forced (HURR YOUR SISTER DIES NOW FEEL SORRY ASSHOLE), I can't comment on the characters as it was the Demo alone, but when Flemeth appeared...

Jesus, it was like some 15 years old fangirl made a Dragon Age fanfiction, BioWare got the rights and tackled a game over it. It's so badly written, jesus christ. And the voice acting, OH GOD, THE VOICE ACTING.

I still dislike the voiced main character, the dialogue wheel felt awful, and, basically, everything that made DA:O a bearable experience was taken away.

Keep in mind, I'm talking about the Demo alone. Perhaps the writing and dialogue gets better with time, as well as the voice acting, but come on...

...That's just my opinion, though.

Gohadouken2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Thing is , given how a few of you have been criticing it to death before hand , you conditioned yourselves .
There was no way you'd enjoy it either way .

People doing so for months ending up in the end liking , even loving the game , is a miracle , that by definition , very rarely occurs .

Opinions like that can't be called irrelevant , but have to be taken with lots of grains of salt .

Keith Olbermann2846d ago

I think your entire statement is wrong each his own I guess. This is the only demo I intend to replay to see what the different classes feel like and its certainly a day one purchase.

Baka-akaB2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

You gotta loves this . When dao was released in all its fugliness that even texture mods and the highest res can't save , no one squeaked , "of course its the gameplay that matters!" .

And now that a sequel arrives actually improving on various parts of the design (like the animations ) ... since they dont like the changes , and decided they hated it at least 4-6 months ago , it's suddenly ugly .

of course cue in the usual complains about the backgrounds , wich is mostly in the demo a wasteland ... forgetting that the Korcari Wilds looked like poo too .

eccothedolphin72846d ago

I have been looking forward to this game since they announced it. Now that I have played the demo I have been really let down. The first game was amazing, and they have retained nothing that made it good. They really messed it up, and it's really sad. I was hoping to get more DA awesomeness, but instead I get some weird messed up version, that barely resembles the first game.

JsonHenry2846d ago

I played it on PC, in DX11 mode (though some DX11 effects were disabled in the demo) and the game looks good (not great) but a HUGE improvement over the last game.

And the combat, the gloriously reworked combat! LOVED IT! This will be a day one purchase for me. I was going to wait till it was discounted on STEAM like I did the last game but not this time around. I want this game bad.

DarkFantasy2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

I liked every thing about the demo voice acting,the gameplay is a huge improvement i actually feel like im fighting not just siting here watching animations.. i do like the female hawke better the the male,shes really cute too :) imo...but i have no problems with the male hawke everything was great. it is sooo good to be back in the dragon age universe i only wish i had the money to get it day 1 :( ... the game is still pretty tactical wich is good characters look way better but i miss the old colorings of the darkspawn tho not a big deal for me really tho,i really want to play it badly!!

eccothedolphin72846d ago

I absolutely hated what they have done to the game. It looks awful. The interface is a horrid looking monster, and the combat is crap. I don't think I'll be buying this.

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jaketimate2846d ago

i dunno it plays just like dynasty warriors i don't get why this game get high scores and dw doesn't :S

VonAlbrecht2846d ago

Because one is a good game and one isn't.

Baka-akaB2846d ago

what's next claiming quake and deus ex are similar ?

Both are good games , just completely different for obvious and various reasons

vikingland12846d ago

I played the demo on my ps3 last night I don't agree with neckbear at all.For me I liked the game play better than DAO and I liked the graphics better too.I will download the xbox360 version today and see which version I like better.One thing for sure I am getting this day one!

DarkFantasy2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

i don't think it really matters ps3 version looks sharper and has better blacks but the 360 version has more color they both have the pros and cons i don't think any version ps3 or 360 is better then the outher in imo.i got dao on ps3 so i might get it on ps3 again... don't they have an option to up load your save file from dao so what ever you did in dao will affect da2?? i remember reading something like that and if so i want to get it on the same console hmm wish i could remember lol

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