Does Britain have a games industry to be proud of?

BeefJack: "Talented or otherwise, about the only things I’ve ever thought of that marks ‘our’ studios out as British in any sense are forgettable or juvenile humour, weary familiarity and twee interpretations of the classics. Other than that, as far as I’m concerned, they could come from just about anywhere."

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GodofSackboy2885d ago

We made LBP

That's something to be damn proud of

InfectedDK2885d ago

Im not English but if my country had made LPB I would be proud

AstroZombie12885d ago

Well lets see...

Rockstar North
Media Molecule
Evolution Studios
Rockstead Studios
Crytek UK (Formerly Free Radical Design)
Lionhead Studios
SCEE Studio Liverpool
SCEE Studio Cambridge
Sports Interactive

This article be trolling yo!

TLG19912885d ago

trying to troll not knowing all the facts, the uk game industry is solid.

mrwiggles2885d ago

So I guess no one has actually read the article then? Nothing to do about whether Britain makes good games.

Jdoki2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Yes Britain has an industry to be proud of.

We have a diversity of talent which comes through in the quality of games.

What the author actually appears to be saying is that he believes British made games do not have a distinct 'British' identity that comes through in the same way as the 'doe eyed girls' etc of Japanese games.

The fact that the author goes on to talk about British humour and whimsy, which I think is what makes British made games often have worldwide appeal. I also think the author is living in the past - sure some Japanese games still feature the well worn tropes, but it's slowly getting harder to work out the region a game comes from.

Throw in that many games are now outsourced to multiple-teams worldwide and how can a game, beyond the initial design document really have any identity if it's outsourced.

If anything British games, whilst initially hard to identify do have one unifying 'identity'. They provide a significant amount of the most creative and innovative titles released every year.