UT3 Collector's Edition Officially Revealed

Midway today announced an exclusive PC collector's edition for the highly anticipated first-person shooter, Unreal Tournament 3. This limited edition is encased in a special tin hard cover. Included is an Art Book featuring the flawless art style found in the vehicles, characters, weapons and environments that are signature trademarks of the Unreal Tournament 3 universe. In addition, the limited collector's edition includes bonus DVD extras.

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BlazeXXL4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

I'll pick this one up. I loved all the Unreals thusfar, and being able to play it on my ps3 with mouse and keyboard totally rox my sox XD

reaferfore204039d ago

IMO this game is going to be better than Halo anything, and Killzone for that matter.

MK_Red4039d ago

I seriously hope they announce a CE for PS3 and 360 as well.