Xbox 360 Halo 3 and Sony PS3 Warhawk at war: How can you compare? writes: "After seeing the post from Daniel Multiplayer Maps: Halo 3 on Xbox 360 vs. Warhawk on Sony PS3 prompt Mark to argue this point, how the hell can you choose which one is better when they are totally different platforms, like many of you fanboys it seems that there will always be a war if you like it not which to me is pretty pathetic."

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RadientFlux4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

you can't... and difference in map size makes sense. If Halo3's mulitplayer maps were the same size as Warhawk it would get very boring for anyone that is on foot.

@the worst : sorry but since you are on my ignore list I really don't care what you have to say.

sonarus4043d ago

personally i prefer the faster paced battles in warhawk also the undeniable intensity of 32 player matches. Halo is a bit more "realistic" and all that and will probably be better to those who have been playing halo 2 for the past 2 yrs but honestly i would be suprised if a neutral player played both and found halo more FUN. But then again everyone has their own preferences. They are really different types of games. I mean in warhawk you can carry 6 weapons at once lol halo can only carry 1. You can't shoot while you have a flag in halo all this took out the fun for me and also the fact that he can jump 20 feet in the air jst a bit annoying to me. But like i said everyone has their preferences some ppl might like that. Halo is a great game halo 3 will be more successful than warhawk without a doubt but based on fun factor i think warhawk beats it.

RadientFlux4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

personally I would probably like Halo3 more but I will never know for sure. While I do own a PS3 I won't be buying Warhawk since I am not much into online only games.

I agree that both games are excellent and it all comes down to personal preference

the worst4043d ago

there nothing wrong with halo
its xbl that suckz paying for
lag ass service some game freezing

SonySoldiers4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

1. Never say something good about our competitor's consoles/games. Try to attack its shortcomings and do not listen to their opinions.

2. Never believe when they bring up bad news about the Playstation 3, just say something like "it doesn't surprise me" and/or act as if there's nothing wrong with it.

3. Never show your anger even if they make fun of your opinion, put a smile/LOL symbol in your writings or say something like you don't get upset over anything.

4. Never cease to defense other Ps3 fans like you always do for your favorite console. Show to the crowds that Ps3 owners are one big family unit.

5. Never ever think the Playstation 3 will loose the console wars nor it ain't got no games, the console's lifespan is about 10 years so it's just in the beginning. You do not want to give up things easily.

Thanks so much for your loyalty to Sony's Playstation 3. There's always hopes and promises in the future!

MADGameR4043d ago


secret4043d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

People become outraged when injustice is blatant. Hardly anyone would be upset with what's truly fair. Fairness.

There is an outrage at the unfairness shown clearly from gaming "journalist professionals" and / or Companies who are desparately trying to unfairly and indecently preserve the life of the xbox360 through smoke & mirrors, fog, and other deceptions.

It won't be tolerated forever by everyone, and people will start to behave as that disgruntled Wii owner when they wake up and the deception comes to light. It might be painful on egoes of those who might've hastily rushed out to buy an xbox360 or a Wii because EGM and Gamepro and other gaming journalists told them to.

Afterwards, people don't feel good when they find out they've been had, and some will probably continue to try to defend themselves and their egos from getting bruised as a result. A handful will correct their mistakes and get back on track.

I am greatly disappointed at Gamepro & EGM and all other journalists because of what they've done this generation. (unethical).

Both EGM and Gamepro told you to buy a Wii. You mention crap games? Did you know that, about two months ago, Gamepro awarded the Wii in the games department? Do your research, and you'll see that Gamepro told you that the Wii gets a B grade for its games while the PS3 gets a C grade instead. How do you feel about Gamepro now? How about the frat boys at EGM?

It's very sad when the referees of the game have already pre-determined which team they want to see win and will go at tremendous lengths (even sacrificing integrity) to make sure that that team wins by making suspect calls on the field. Fans are booing and throwing bottles.

Hopefully, may the fastest runner win and win on merit rather than the alternative of frat boy journalists / referees having a go at one system in particular in order to ensure the success of their preferred systems that they secretly know is truly inferior.

I am actually pro Wii for what appears to be a gaming "revolution" in gaming themes - more PG and Disney type games rather than the horror and violent movies seen on the xbox360.

The PS3 is a perfect balance.

(to add another perspective to the fog and deceptions, although the percentage margins for Halo 3 is good compared to Spiderman the movie, the actual dollars amounts tell a different story. 56% profit on one dollar is nothing compared to 46% profit margin on $600 billion. Take into consideration that one halo3 game costs $60-$80 and that one spiderman ticket is around $7.

By the way, despite your talk about HD 720P/1080P on the xbox360 and HDMI, I have some news for you...

If DVD-9 is really hi-defition 720p/1080p, why would you need HD-DVD and Bluray disc? Decetions, fog & mirrors. Instead of wasting your energy defending your ego, use the same amount of energy to get yourself back on track from your mistake of buying a 360.)

JsonHenry4042d ago

@ 1.6

You must be talking about us PS3 owners. : (

Trumped as superior in every way - yet nothing on the PS3 that is a cross platform title plays as good as it does on the PC or the 360. The games that are first party or exclusive are terrible games (LAIR) and the biggest game coming downt he pipes (KZ2) looks totally inferior to Gears of War or Bioschock. (although it looks hella better and a lot more fun than Halo 3!!)

LosT---SouL4042d ago

why do you write such ridiculously long posts? your pretty much just wasting time writing messages not many people are going to bother reading, unless they dont have lives. (or just dont have anything better to do)

iheartSONY4042d ago

^^@ RadientFlux^^
You Should really try Warhawk. I'm on the same boat you are on. I don't like online only games or so I thought until I played Warhawk and was very happy with my purchase. I bought the retail version but would recommend the download version after using the headset that came with the game. The headset is so uncomfortable. But how can you compare a game like Warhawk & Halo 3? You should be comparing RFoM or KZ 2 against Halo 3.

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THC CELL4043d ago

warhawk wins by miles in mp department

iceice1234043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

How is that? I'll enjoy reading your well thought out / written argument for your statement.

@Below, congrats on never playing Halo, you're missing out on the best multiplayer experience a console can offer. Too bad for you.

demolitionX4043d ago

u don't need 10 page explanation for that, GO play both. Halo lacks the fast paced, tense, chaotic type of gameplay warhawk has. but if u like slow boring MP, Halo will be better providing that.

ArmrdChaos4043d ago

Has warhawk even hit 5 million matches yet?

Enough said...Halo.

iceice1234043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Has warhawk even had 500,000 unique players yet? Halo 3 has had almost 1,500,000 in 24 hours. Yep, warhawk is so critically acclaimed it passes Halo and so many more people enjoy it.

Kaze884043d ago

Think it like this way...

When halo was released it was so hyped that many bought it and loved it. since that it has gathered loads of more hype. As a serie it hastn let down its fans.
As for warhawk was last released in ps1 long long time ago and now it has worthy sequel, but it had no hype like it should had cause its a great MP game.
Halo is an scifi fps, warhawk is and fastpaced 3rd person shooter with large maps and vehicles.
Halo has an game serie wich has its fans and warhawk is new franchise for most of us so HOW THE H*LL CAN YOU COMPARE THEM IN ANYWAY?

Elginer4043d ago

I've never seen so many damn haters in my life. Ever since Halo 3 came out you Sony folks have been pissing and moaning like my gf when shes on the rag. I swear, you guys need to just eat humble pie; the game rocks. How the hell does this effect you in a bad way? It's not like you are playing it, so go play your own MP game (Warhawk) which had such a crappy development time that they dropped the supposedly amazing single player game altogether. Stop the hate, go play Warhawk or the actually better game which is Heavenly Sword. That game is actually something to write home about.

DeadIIIRed4043d ago

So if a game has more logged matches it automatically means its better. Remember friends I'll take quality over quantity any day.

abuze4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

The Best multyplayer experience a console can offer is with SOCOM!

DixieNormS4043d ago

Because Halo 3 offers that and then some. I don't think Warkhawk does. I also don't think SOCOM is a better console MP game than Halo. If it was then most of us would be lining up for the sequels ala Halo series.

grunt3604043d ago

Shame you made an incorrect statement there about the "Quality over Quanitity". Firstly, the less players you have playing the game...the less fun your gonna experience...which ultimately means lesser quality. Secondly, the amount of people playing Halo 3 means that obviously the game is such good quality people are playing it. Now can all you Sony plebs put your weapons away and just admit that Halo 3 IS better than far. And if you think I'm wrong, then I suggest you ask the developers what they think of Halo 3, because if they say that their game is better than Halo 3, then they must really need their heads seen to. Period.

BIGBAER4043d ago

And as for DeadHead's idiotic statement:

2.7 - "Ah So if a game has more logged matches it automatically means its better. Remember friends I'll take quality over quantity any day."

Warhawk has only SOLD a little over 126,000 units. Now compare this to Halo 3 stats from

Halo 3 Players Online: 277,158

Unique Players (Last 24 Hours): 1,494,571

Matches Logged (Last 24 Hours): 4,669,705

UNSC Campaign Kill Count: 755,737,851

Your "quality over quantity" statement is misused; you imply that Warhawk has better quality simply because it has sold fewer copies.

This kind of thinking is both assinine and juvenile.

I'll explain it to you: Halo 3, by now, has likely sold more copies than all the games compined in the PS3's library. Think about. Think real hard. Seriously.

Scrooge4043d ago

People talk as if hype alone magically creates success for a game. Hype does help. But if you say halo3 is big because of hype then you could hype any crappy-ass game and generate the same sales as halo3. Think about it, hype is no excuse for a game's success. Warhawk wasn't hyped at all, it's a good game, but if it was hyped it might have made just a minor difference in the sales numbers.

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Saint Sony4043d ago

Simple answer: You can't compare.

boi4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

ermm don't compare!

simple leave the 2 great games alone and play both :D

btw who having trouble here going into Halo 3 MP matchmaking? mine it says cant retrieve Halo 3 servers?! been like that since yday...(UK)

nanometric4043d ago

Gamers won't compare, fanboys will!!!

ukilnme4043d ago

And most of them will make comparisons without having played both.