What the "Big Epic Announcement" could be

Epic Games confirmed a big announcment for today. What could it be? Check the source for some speculation.

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Shanks2821d ago

Probably something with Kinect.

Yi-Long2821d ago

... like the excellent Shadow Complex.

Agent_S2821d ago

Yea im hoping for that too, but this will be a Gears 3 announcement only.

GrieverSoul2821d ago

Either im not understanding the article or you guys didnt read it. I thought its an annoucement regarding Gears 3. But I cant blame you or you can blame me for not reading right because these German sites are a mess when translated. It cracked me u when I read the source of their news for this article being Sony. lol

anh_duong2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

as we all know there will be quite afew kinect enabled games released in the next couple of days...

here is a recap of what we might expect

1. command and conquer kinect enabled
2. scribblenauts kinect
3. kinect buzz game from relentless
4. more demos of forza using kinect
5. new gears kinect franchise
6. ubisoft kinect game (likely to be linked to POP or assasins creeed)

oh yeah and there is a good chance that EA will embed kinect into some of their EA sports titles (e.g. fifa, madden etc)

meetajhu2821d ago

cliffy.B got dick tits. EPIC announcement!

TheRacingX2821d ago

Bubs for that one... The language in the bulletstorm demo was geared (pun intended) for 14 yr olds... really infantile

The Meerkat2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I'd love it if we could use the Kinect to create a 3D image of our faces that could be mapped onto our Multiplayer characters.

anh_duong2821d ago

this is unlikely to happen because deveopers rather save the bandwidth, processing power and memory for the main multiplayer engine. unless it is a simple low player count multiplayer game (such as tennis) i doubt developers would want to use face mapping for large multiplayer type games,

PS3BURN2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

The next Unreal Tournament !!

dannybohy2821d ago

PLEASE LET IT BE THE NEXT UT !! PC ONLY EXCLUSIVE! that might just make my year!!

dannybohy2821d ago

what retards disagreed!! makes no sense!.

The Meerkat2821d ago

Makes sense for people who don't have a powerful PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.