Killzone 3 dev 'aggressively' monitoring PS3 jailbreak users

Killzone 3 studio Guerrilla has told CVG that it has a plan of action to tackle hackers who use a PS3 jailbreak to take advantage of their game.

Speaking to CVG, Guerilla producer Steven Ter Heide said that the recent spate of hacks seen on the system were "absolutely" a concern - and that the firm is working with Sony to "aggressively" monitor the perpetrators.

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SoapShoes2798d ago

Bu bu but they aren't going to ruin the game, the hackers only wanted OtherOS back and homebrew! You can trust them!

rezzah2798d ago

great news, glad their not going to leave them alone and let them ruin the online experience for us.

Shadow Flare2798d ago

Can't believe people disagreed with you. That's n4g for you

edhe2798d ago

Probably because he couldn't spell "they're" correctly.

Or not, I don't know :)

DarkFantasy2798d ago

"Probably because he couldn't spell "they're" correctly."

thats a odd reason to dissagree with someone O_O!!!

ChristianGamer2798d ago

All 480 of them, according to that article that claimed only 0.000001% had been hacked

DanSolo2798d ago

Well if they can keep the cheats out of the game that will be good!

I've never understood the need of some people to cheat in an online game.... it's not like you are playing for money or anything, at least then despite being dishonourable it's understandable as you stand to gain out of it, but to cheat just to feel good about yourself... well....

klado2798d ago

yeah, that is hackers for you...

Yes, looking at the bunch of people supporting geosucker.

edhe2798d ago

It's not about cheating to win, it's about cheating to grief people.

People can, and will, be dicks.

RumbleFish2797d ago

How can somebody feel good about himself when he has to cheat?

THC CELL2798d ago

i can see hidden software coming to games soon hehehe

klado2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Like DRM ala steam, dud, why havent companies done that already? or fill each bluray up to 50GB and let the poor fuckers download their ass off, sry for the language.

edhe2798d ago

There already is DRM: the hacks get around it. Full up a 50GB with fluff and the hackers will rip out the fluff.

klado2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

But no on CONSOLES which are closer than a PC, btw why haven't them rip the flulff out of killzone 3 or god of war 3? or uncharted 2? oh you, and there is not DRM like steam that makes you connect with the system to prove that you legally purchased the item, but this time with PSN which would indeed rip the fluff that should be ripped out once and for all, this is no the PSP once again and it WON'T and SHOULDN'T be, we don't need another piracy island for the fck ass that are the pirates and hacker which are OBVIOUSLY connected.

You say no, I say Dark Alex, oh btw, you seem too sure about what you talking about, loving to back ur stuff much?...happy hacking.

If no, CLOUD gaming would save us all, screwing most of us third world gamers who don't and cant pay for fastspeed. Thanks to who? yeah hackers, there goes your lil rant, let see how can your FREEDOM right save it all.

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The story is too old to be commented.