Games Should Release the Same Day Worldwide

When a game has a release date, it's usually released one date in North America, and then a few days later in Europe (I've been waiting for Bulletstorm since it was announced, and I can't play it until thursday/friday, while North America are playing the crap out of the game). It can also happen the other way around, just like Alan Wake was (May 14th in Europe and May 18th in North America) and sometimes those dates could be wider. You could argue to me and say "stop whining and get over it". But you hear it all the time, where people say "Ohhhh I cannot wait for this game. Release now!" So why should other people have to wait a few days longer?

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gillri2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

As long as America changes to Friday and not us to Tuesday

Friday is THE day to release a game, from an entertainment point of view tuesday is a lame day to release

Yi-Long2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

... as long as there aren't weeks or months between the release-dates, I don't really care that much if 1 country gets it a few days earlier or later.

It's been a long long time ago since I bought a game the first day it came out.

fredfenster2822d ago

Same here. I can wat a couple of days, no problem.

guigsy2822d ago

I'd rather wait a few days and it release on Friday, cause then I've got the weekend to play it.

I think publishers have been better with release dates anyway recently. Some games, especially for Japanese publishers, used to take up to a year to reach Europe from its original release.

KRATOS-PS32822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Totally AGREE! I have to wait till Friday here in Germany to get my Copy of Killzone 3. Release the games on the same day everywhere and you don't have people who are playing the games while others waiting with "tears in their eyes" and going crazy. Look, Dead Space 2 gets release tomorrow in Germany, isn't that some big BS!?

r1sh122822d ago

same here in the UK.
Both bulletstorm and killzone 3..
I dont get why they need a 3 day delay for games?
If they talk about shipping the games etc..
Why not just create the region game in the region they are intended for?
E.g Europe games created in Europe.
There isnt a reason why games are delayed for so long in certain regions..

KRATOS-PS32822d ago

Yes, that sucks so much! It's a shame for Germany releasing Dead Space 2 tomorrow. Well, of course you can order from other countries but that is not always the best way. I want german voices and all online features.

SonyNGP2822d ago

Worldwide needs to apply to every freaking country on this planet. I like how some of the games get released earlier here but the ones I really want always take around a week to arrive -_-

LeBart2822d ago

We have it a lot better than not too long ago.
Games used to come out in europe months after the US release.

MGS3 came out 3 or 4 months after, Shadow of the Colossus took even longer, FF XII even longer.

I don't mind waiting a few days.

time2die2822d ago

Totally agree with the thread and it should be the same worldwide street release date.

Some would argue that if you tend on playing on American based servers then those players are going to have a extreme advantage in terms of where they are rank wise.

But i will stick to European servers for sure so the lag is normal.

Does seem kind of mad to give a country the games 3 days before others.

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The story is too old to be commented.