White Knight Chronicles 2 – New DLC Quests Screens

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed several new screenshots for three upcoming DLC quests in the Japanese Playstation 3 role-playing game, White Knight Chronicles 2.

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Hitman07692821d ago

This game could be really awesome, there were great changes done to keep the original title going and the social prospect of the game is great.

Chris3992821d ago

I wish they would stop the teasing and give us the sequel in NA/ EU already :) I still check in on WKC from time to time, believe it or not the community is still strong.

Can't wait for WKC2. They made it even more MMOish too, which is great.

InfiniteJustice2821d ago

Need this game in the west soon. I wish they'd hurry up an announce something, it'd make this year even better for gaming. Hoping it comes with the first WKC - I never played it after knowing WKC2 came with the first game on disc...

Minimox162821d ago


yeah, im still triying to get GR15 im in GR13 right now, and there is always people playing everything, what it's your GR lvl? we can play if you want!

WildArmed2820d ago

Ugh, tell me about it.
I'm crossing my fingers for some news about WKC2 @ GDC.
I need my WKC fix..
Once I buy WKC2, I ain't going to be buying anything for the following 6 months <3
DLC looks great, I just wish localization wouldn't take forever..
Heck, I dont need english VO, just gimme the game in english test w/ JP VO :)

Chris you better put down DCUO once I get WKC2 ;)
We never did meet up in wkc once

shadowknight2032821d ago

Yeah I made the mistake in giving up on WKC a little too early and the online community quickly died out..dont get me wrong there's still ppl on but there either like lv 15 or lower like 3-7 and im 9 and its so hard to find ppl now...once/if WKC2 comes NA bound im SO getting this game 1st day along with trying to be amongst those who platy 1st..great game and to say they made impovements only makes me wanna play it all the more!

itsralf2821d ago


StitchJones2821d ago

Please keep it in Japan, first one was a big let down here, not interested in another one.

WildArmed2820d ago

Damn, I wish these screenies weren't so small -.-
Why can't we get quality screenies...
*goes to youtube to watch some JP WKC action*