Gameolio: Dragon Age 2 Demo Play – Xbox 360

Dan, from Gameolio, writes:

"My reluctance to play the original came from an amount of time spent not playing it. You know how it goes, a game becomes a hit and receives many accolades and in the back of your head you keeping thinking to yourself “I need to play this game, everyone is talking about it. It must have something special, something amazing, that I’m totally missing out on. Where are my keys?” and of course you find you’ve locked yourself out of your apartment. Time flies past, and as do the games, and your sitting there staring at a trailer for a game coming out soon that looks enticing, but it’s a sequel. I recently reviewed Dead Space 2 without having played the original and totally enjoyed my time in that game, so using that logic, I thought I may as well take a bash at this brand-spanking new demo from the cool cats at BioWare. If it has me sold on the second game via demo, having not even played one second of the original, it had to be something special – be it with game mechanics, graphics or storyline and hopefully a combination of all."

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NickN4G2820d ago

I played the demo it's like Golden Axe. Bioware are getting really casual with their RPG's.

maniacmayhem2820d ago

Can't wait, this game is looking epic.

Tex1172820d ago

RPG demo's are always a difficult proposition.

RPG's rely so much on story and progression that it is difficult to have that come across in a demo.

It does still feel like a Dragon Age game though. Just think every time you attacked in Dragon Age and you kept mashing the X button even though your character was auto-attacking, now you actually swing.

I for one am interested and looking forward to playing the full game. (It may be a hit, may be a miss)

(Nice retro "Golden Axe" reference btw)

I dislike the dialog wheel and voiced main character, but thats my old-school roots showing up.

Dlacy13g2820d ago

I have to say, the authors run down was pretty spot on. I agree on a whole. Graphically this game is no Mass Effect 2 but if you compare this to the first Dragon Age, this game is very much an improvement.

Perez2820d ago

I tend to agree with the article on the most part and can see the author's point of view. I have played the original and while I am disappointed that we're now able to literally explode hurlocks with sword swipes its to be expected with Bioware's trend to the less formulaic RPG experience.

I do miss the deathblows though.

On the note about graphics while it's easy to compare similar games made by the same company it must be taken into account that the Unreal 3 engine of ME1,2,3 and the Eclipse in house engine of DAO, DA2 are quite different in scope, age/length of development time and design intent.

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