Android Market Growth Stats Can Be Deceiving

The multitude of stories that have recently come up singing praises of Android for growing at a mind numbing 861.5 percent seem to be fairly justified at first sight. However, there is a hidden truth here that everyone seems to be forgetting. The market revenues of Android are still flimsy to say the least.

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joeorc2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

this fails to take into account China, which has explosive growth of Android smartphone's an Tablet's...there is no deceiving stat growth that I can See reason being is by the number of activation's per day is on the order of 300,000+
a day..that is just Android smartphones.

an market revenues it is one thing but one is open source an the other is not!

want to see market revenues check out Google's Advertising market revenues vs Apple..I bet it would look a whole lot different. that's the thing Google is going for Advertising market revenues which is not based on the criteria that they somehow graded android on based on Apple's market dynamic.