USA Today Review: Set your sights on 'Killzone 3'

Killzone 2 certainly made an impression when it launched on PlayStation 3 in February 2009. The stunning visuals and underrated multiplayer component finally gave PS3 owners something to crow about in the first-person shooter genre.

Now, studio Guerrilla Games has upped the ante with Killzone 3, an explosive follow-up featuring a more diverse campaign and added depth to online multiplayer. Oh, and jetpacks. Glorious jetpacks.

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finbars752796d ago

Man this game offers a whole lot of action.I cant see how people dont like the SP its so sweet and full of missels bullets and helghast with blades from the hands I mean come on this game is the real deal.So much better then what I was expecting.This game is going to give any other game thats coming out for game of the year or at least FPS of the year easily.

evilunklebud2796d ago

Sigh... I really wanted this to rock like KZ2, and give me a reason to spurge on battle rifle for my move..... but I might wait for more reviews and user opinions. KZ2 was always going to be very hard to follow.

mushroomwig2796d ago

More reviews? There are plenty already out there to read.

evilunklebud2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

I'm more interested in reviews regarding move integration with the game (should have stated that).... those types are still a little thin. I would image the user community might be the best repository for that feedback.

Not sure about the disagrees... KZ2 was going to be hard to follow...

evilunklebud2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )


Thanks..... I'll check it out.... man, I'm getting killed here.

Thanks again... cool site.....

ViRaL-2796d ago

Did you sigh at this review? You do know it's 3.5/4 not 3.5/10

DragonWarrior2796d ago

whatever evil. You could have been a true gamer and at least tried the beta considering it was free. But you wanna be a troll instead? Thats fine, we won't be missing you one bit online.

evilunklebud2796d ago

Reactionary, to say the least.

I had no intention of trolling.... that is for children.

Why would I troll against a system -PS3- (I have 2) that I own anyway?

Why are dissenting opinions so threatening?

Why am I responding......

Chicago85062796d ago

hey evillunklebud...
m just gonna take a shot at this n say, I think DragonWarrior was stating that there was a demo of KZ3, that u could easily use the PS Move with.
Not the Multiplayer Beta, but the KZ3 Demo.
I've tried the demo with the Move & it's pretty damn accurate.

Not sure what exactly u r looking for with the Motion, but I can say u'd have a ton of fun with it using the Sharpshooter, if the Move controller is any indication of what it's like.

Anyway, Game on!
O'yea, n tha game iz tha sh!t.

evilunklebud2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )


Thanks man, and I am aware of the demo, or was aware, and I missed it. My bad.... I like gaming, but I am probably not hard core, though I do by a lot of them for both the ps3 and the 360.

But, it is cool to hear you are digging the move with the game.... that is what I want to hear! Like I said, I probably will score it. I'll just stay away from dragonwarrior if I'm online ;)

DragonWarrior2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Notice, I said true gamer. A real gamer would have known everything your blabbing all your 5 bubblez on. I was skeptical about this game cause I hated KZ2, but then i went to the store, downloaded the single and multiplayer demos, and been addicted to it since.

Okay, i get it, your not trolling, you're just geniunely uninformed. Oh and btw, you will not just stay away from me, but you'll probably be running from me. :)

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