Sony vs. Hackers, this could go on and on.

Late in January Sony was granted a temporary restraining order against George ‘Geohot’ Hotz, however this was far from the end of the matter.

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jahcure2797d ago

And this isn't a bad thing. One person will go broke in the process. One will write it off in taxes...

Loner2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Probably not.He got like 10 grand in donations in one day.
He can just ask for it again if he needs to


Thats a big if
I personally think he wont lose

AssassinHD2797d ago

If he loses this case the judgement against him could be seven figures. I doubt he could raise that amount of money even through donations. In fact if he loses I suspect no one will give him donations.

AssassinHD2797d ago

Bah, can't edit. I meant to type judgment, but my fingers got away from me.

People are donating to him now because they want him to win the case. If he loses it will no longer be about supporting their point of view. It will just be about helping a loser pay his debt. He won't get much support if he loses this case.

jahcure2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Where did you see 10k worth of donations in a day?
When i read he said he had already grossed 10k worth of bills and was out money and wanted to hire more lawyers. Nowhere did i see it cost 10k. Do you REALLY think civil suit lawyers cost that much????????

Consider accidents suits cap off at 10k when no one dies or is seriously mangled. It can take 1.5 YEARS to see that money, from which the attourney gets a MAX 33% or 3.3K. You need to get less deluded about what people make in the real world buddy.

This is a guy that's begging for money online, do you really think he is affording the best representation out there?

Last point, who do you think will continue funding this guy? Would you keep giving him $100 a month for the next 2-3 years? The ONLY people benefiting on his side right now are his attourneys...of course they will advise him to get money any and everywhere. When it dries up we'll be having a different conversation.

EDIT: Real last point. Has anyone informed GeoHotz that he will need to claim ALL that acquired income for taxing purposes? If he spends it all on lawyers now, how will he pay when Uncle Sam wants his cut? No one looks at the big picture anymore do they? Sony has already ruined this guy's personal life.

ComboBreaker2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Sony takes new hacker to court.
New hacker goes to jail to join old hacker.

Sony writes it off in taxes.
New hacker can't spend his donations in jail.

The process repeat over and over again.
A great process.

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Enigma_20992796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )


Are you serious?!?! $10,000 in ONE DAY?!?!?

... yeah, I'm gonna say it. Thanks a lot Micro$oft.


WHAT HOMEBREW?!?!? Because I sure as hell don't see any!!!

ChilliDemon2797d ago

".. this could go on and on"

... the damned pointless articles on here certainly are!

Spinal2797d ago

So long as Geohot keeps to his word and hacks the Xperia Play im happy.

I love my iPhone 4 jailbroken cause of limera1n thanks geohot :)

MicroSony4Life2797d ago

I donated $25 for that same reason - I really want the Xperia but want it open and not closed.

Spinal2797d ago

Same bro, cant wait to get the xperia play im actually gonna have to sell my iPhone 4 im done with it.

Slide out gamepad > touchscreen controls

GSpartan7772797d ago

This article does not report anything we don't already know.

ronwil422797d ago

what is it with this site im sick of reading articles about this and the way this site promotes it .its all garbage and anyone who suports this prick is just as bad as him end of

mattfong2795d ago

I don't think this article supports Geohot nor does the site ... How did you come to this conclusion!? ... did you even read the article? Lame

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