Tempered Halo 3 Japanese Mid-Morning Launch Madness

Yen and Halo 3 limited edition Xbox 360s exchanged hands at a moderate pace, with a handful of gamers simply opting for the game and the Halo 3 branded controllers.

In Japan, the Halo 3 Limited Edition version was the way to go. For an affordable 6270 yen (approximately $55 USD), Japanese gamers get the nice packaging and fan service bonuses with their Japanese voice acted Master Chief. That's a pretty good deal.

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MaximusPrime4039d ago

only one japanese guy (image)? wow, xbox 360 is poor over there.

predator4039d ago

guess u didnt read the whole article then

Gamer134039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Don,t worry have you seen the sales records of Halo 3 have a look.

MaximusPrime4039d ago

cant be bothered reading all Halo 3 related news.

I read at something stupid / funny about Halo 3.
Such as "Red ring of death started after booting up Halo 3, Scratches on Legardary discs, BBC News showing Killzone 2 on Halo 3 report, Halo 3 is a same as Halo 1 and Halo 2 but add HD", the list goes on and on.

Japan doesnt want xbox 360. Ok just a minute number of hardcore gamers would buy Halo 3. Fair enough.

I will be looking on ebay to see how many "rejected" Halo 3 so far.

phew : im finally a hardcore Sony fanboy. Thank you thank you.

THAMMER14038d ago

Ebey is the PS3 grave yard. If you are a Sony fanboy I would say stay away from ebay. Well...unless you want a cheap used PS3.

Morbius4204038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

And you're a jackass as well :)