The (Lack of) Story in Halo 3

David Kushner writes that while Halo 3 is a lot of fun and a good game and he enjoys playing it, the drama or emotion just isn't there. He laments that Mass Effect, which does a much much better job of exploiting the emotional potential of a game experience, has been been woefully overshadowed by Halo 3, and he questions why the gaming press isn't demanding more out of a game.

(David Kushner is a contributing editor for Rolling Stone, Spin, Wired, Village Voice, and IEEE Spectrume, and a writer for the New York Times, Salon, New York Details, and other publications. He also teaches magazine journalism at New York University. Two books he has written published by Random House - "Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids: How a Gang of Geeks Beat the Odds and Stormed Las Vegas" and "Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture" - are currently being developed into films.)

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squallsoft4039d ago

couldn't agree more with this article. for a game to (according to the press) "change the face of digital entertainment", it sure is a letdown that it doesn't really do anything new. are gamers and the media so blind these days that they will let themselves be pulled along like sheep by a large hype engine? its sad. there are a lot of other games on ps3/360/wii that deserve this kind of attention. oblivion is one of those. a game that breaks ground. next gen graphics with next gen game-play. a game like that should be the poster boy for a revolution in the perception of gaming. not halo 2.5.

BIGBAER4039d ago

It provides a feeling of attachment. Gamers feel for Master Chief. Halo gamers experience a level of immersion not found in many other games. Master Chief is a hero's hero.

He alone has the sole responsibility to save mankind. Yes, Master Chief has the occasional helper and support. But gamers know that even if Master Chief loses an entire squadron of Marines he will survive to kick some serios butt!

Story? Hell yeah there's a story! You just need to become Mater Chief to unfold it.

ktchong4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

Please do not cheapen the meaning of "love story".

It's a good game. Heck, it's a great game. But a good story Halo is not.

ktchong4039d ago

The "Mass Effect" story image is taken from actual in-game session, by the way. The screenshot was too dark, and I had to adjust the brightness, gamma, contrast, and sharpness, and it ends up looking like a pastel picture.

MK_Red4039d ago

Good story, good comment and good point.
I remember that idiot reviewer (One from a rather respectable site) calling it a love story. Halo 3 is a superb game but doesn't have a equally superb story and storytelling.

But it's kind of unfair comparing it to Mass Effect, a game that might revolutionize story telling. Awesome pic. Remember it from awesome E3 trailer.

Sangheili854039d ago

Eh? I liked the story alot. Then again i've read all the books so it all makes more sense to me. I thought it was a better story line then most FPS.

SF49er4084039d ago

When i started Halo 3 I was dissapointed. The graphics arent as good as i want but they are 100x better then halo 2 for sure!!! The story is good, better then most games and it is a point a to point b type game. But yea it isnt captivating. After the first 2 hrs I was like ehh its ok. The multiplayer and forge are awesome. Playin with ppl you know is way better then just random multiplayer. Def. the most fun ive had on 360 besides saints row, crackdown, gow, graw, and bio. But yea story not as good as i would have hoped. now mass effect just needs to come through on the combat and smart ai and ill be hooked. Lookin at the videos in mass effect it looks like the ai just stands there waitin for you to shoot them. Halo ai is great and gravity hammer is THE best weapon in any game ive played, right up there with gravity gun.

SF49er4084039d ago

And whats with the fu**in wasted space on hdtv's. On multiplayer and in coop the screen is hella cut off. I want to play campaign with my bro but it looks like crap.

MetalProxy4039d ago

That parts is very disapointing and the cut scenes are horrible also.

BURLY4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

If you ever tried to play Halo 2 co-op on a widescreen TV then you would know that the "wasted space" is far, far better than a reduction of visible space. You see if you just cut the TV in half (vertically) then you get the game with most of the sides cut-off! In fact it is worse than going from 16:9 to 4:3! Furthermore, if you cut the screen horizontally (which is what they opted to do) then you are essentially reducing the vertical dimension and thus if you wanted to not have any of your so called "wasted" space then they would have to stretch the horizontal plane - thereby resulting in Jackals that looked like they stopped off at the local donut store far too many times in-between battles! Or they could have increased the players line of sight to a ridiculous 220 degrees or something like that with some kind of spacial warp blur on the sides - LOL!

The bottom line is that this whole argument about "wasted space" in split screen co-op is really an argument amongst FOOLS! I mean do you actually think Bungie didn't examine the alternatives? It is like it is for a reason and it is better like this because everything is actually PROPORTIONAL!

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